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saudi visa uk
Saudi Visa UK

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Processsaudi visa application process

Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional London based visa agency that specialises in the issuance of:

The Saudi Visa application process can turn into a complicated process if you do not have a clear overview of what you need, the requirements and special information.

Please see our simplified step by step process below on the Saudi Arabian visa application process.

Please note that we are not the embassy or an official government website, however a Saudi visa agency that acts as an agency ensuring that all "enumbers" and "ewallet" payments are made to the Saudi embassy, and full submission and processing is done on your behalf. If you wish to apply directly to the Saudi embassy, please visit there official website.

Note: Please note that if you hold an Israeli stamp inside your passport, then this will not allow for visa issuance

Important Note: The Saudi Arabia embassy visa department is only open Monday - Thursday, and closed on Fridays. Therefore the processing time is exclusive of these. The Saudi embassy have also requested that all visa applicants provide their flight bookings during their visa application process. Both new rules have been issued in the same week as the Saudi government look to limit the Coronavirus outbreak.

Saudi Visa Application Process

What to do:

Step 1

saudi application process

Obtain a Saudi Visa Invite from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce or the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Send your passport details to the Saudi company you are planning to visit.

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Process

Send your passport details to the Saudi company you are planning to visit.

It will be their responsibility to visit one of the various government offices (chamber of commerce or Foreign affairs). They will obtain this, and are required to email this copy to you. The invitation is also simultaneously sent to the Saudi embassy in London.

Step 2


Complete and compile all other requirements:

  • Passport
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Our visa order form
  • Saudi visa application form
  • UK Support letter

Step 3


Please send scanned copies of all documentation to our consultants for pre-check to ensure all documentation is correct and in order before sending it in to our offices.

Step 4


Send all items by courier or special delivery to our address in London.

Step 5


Your passport with Saudi visa inside is sent by special delivery to you for a next day guaranteed service.

If you have any questions regarding the Saudi Visa application process, please contact us via email or phone. As consultants to businesses for visas to Saudi Arabia we assist in all areas and have experience in all parts of this. Our Saudi visa consultants are on hand to assist.


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