Top travel insurance companies for covering your trip to Saudi Arabia

After making final plans for your trip to the Kingdom, regardless of whether you travel on a Saudi business visa or Saudi visa for a short stay, it will be proper to obtain the right coverage for your travel insurance needs. An unforeseeable emergency, while travelling a Saudi visa in unfamiliar surroundings can lead to needless expenses as well as a lot of undesired aggravation. Sufficient and appropriate travel insurance coverage for your Saudi trip will help in reducing a great deal of inconvenience and cost during any unanticipated circumstances, and ensure you mental peace while on the trip. On the other hand, skimping or saving on your travel insurance needs, while touring Saudi Arabia, will definitely not be worth the effort if you were to regrettably come across an emergency in absence of the necessary backup insurance coverage.

Essential areas that require travel insurance include:

  • Health and medical cover for illness or injury
  • Curtailment, interruption or cancellation of your trip or any part thereof
  • Medical service in emergencies
  • Coverage for stolen or lost property
  • Coverage for personal liability, should charges be brought against you for having caused property damage or physical injury to any person or persons

Top travel insurance companies for covering your trip to Saudi include: NCCI Insurance, Saudi National Insurance Co, Al Ahlia Insurance Co, Al Rajhi Cooperative Insurance, Trade Union Insurance Co. EC, Islamic Insurance Co, Saudi General Insurance Company, Malath Insurance, MedNet Saudi Arabia Health Insurance, United Cooperative Assurance UCA, Arabian Shield Insurance Company, SANAD Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance, ACE Insurance, GlobeMed Saudi Healthcare Insurance, Najm Insurance Services, Waseel Health Care Insurance, ACIG Medical Insurance KSA, among others.

NCCI Insurance

NCCI is a Saudi insurance company, based upon the cooperative concept that is more acceptable to the Islamic code of conducting routine affair of everyday life. Hence, the company practices retention of insurance funds; ensuring that revenues generated are specifically used for covering payouts against potential claims. Moreover, it further secures necessary and reliable insurance protection through a network of worldwide reinsurers. Vast financial reserves of the company guarantee top rated insurance coverage levels for its clients and other major national projects in Saudi Arabia which meet its requirements and conditions in relation to the coverage and security desired.

Saudi National Insurance Co

This insurance company is broadly ranked among the top insurance providers that operate across the entire country. As pioneers of innovative and specialised insurance coverage, it has the proud distinction of serving over fifty multinational corporations; through its engineering expertise and risk management coverage for all types of private and public needs.

Al-Ahlia Insurance Company

This insurance company is established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is particularly known for providing best insurance coverage for cooperatives, among other corporate services.

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