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saudi visa uk
Saudi Visa UK

Passport and Saudi Visa Document Sending and Collection Guide

Passport and Visa Return Method

All passports and visas are sent out using the method that was selected on the visa order form.

If you wish to change the address for delivery, or the return method, please kindly let us know at the earliest so we can make the respective adjustments at least by the morning time if your application is due back later that day. .Unless otherwise stated to us in writing by email, all passports will be sent according to the visa order form.

Visa Collection for in person or via courier

Once your Saudi Arabia visa has been issued, the passport can be collected from our reception until 6pm today, otherwise from 9am the following morning (except weekends). Pick up or courier (including if you would like us to organise this) needs to be selected on our visa order form if you wish for us to send it via this method.

Visa/Passport Send by royal mail special delivery/RMSD

If this is the option of return selected, using Royal Mail Special Delivery, it will be sent to your address as stated as per the order form. Please note it is expected to be delivered by 1pm the following day. Based on the logistics of our operation, we will either send it out the same day or following day. Most times it will be the same day of issuance.

As the delivery is meant to be before 1pm, please contact us after this time in case you have not received this. We can also give you the tracking number from our despatch team at this point.

If we are organising your courier return for motorbike within the M25, please contact us so we can advise accordingly on an approximate timeframe.

International Courier

If you are looking to have your passport returned within the EU or outside the EU, it can be assumed that this will be sent out the following day after submission unless stated otherwise.

  • Delivery times: Within EU: Next day service
  • Outside EU: 2 - 4 Day Service

We use DHL, airway bill numbers can be provided.

What we need for DHL delivery

If you are completing the order form for return to an international destination, we would advise that contact information be as detailed as possible for the fields as listed below:

  • Contact Name
  • Company name if applicable
  • Full address, city.
  • Contact telephone number (mobile - local)

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us so that we can advise accordingly. If you need to make any changes, then please advise.

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