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The processing of Saudi Arabia Visa via the embassy in London has restarted and we are able to provide visa processing for Business and Commercial visas for UK nationals and applicants living in the UK and document legalisations for KSA. We are running a limited service thereforewe are requesting for all enquiries to be sent to us via email to instead of calling, where a visa consultant shall be able to quickly review your request. Our phone lines are currently not available. Please note that for other Saudi Government or Embassy queries, please contact the Saudi Embassy in London on 0207 917 3000. For Online Saudi Visa queries please contact +966920000890 or go to
Saudi Visa UK

Saudi Arabia Business Visit Visa Invitation Guidelines icon

On the 13th February 2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia integrated their previous 3 main visa types of:

  • Commercial Visit Visa
  • Working Visit Visa
  • Businessman Visit Visa

Into one category now known as the Business Visit Visa.

What does this mean exactly?

Profession Category:

1.  Job Category 1: Businessman/Investors

The embassy has stated that the Businessmen/women and investors can apply using the same mechanisms via the embassy using our services as per the usual process. This means that once you have an invitation from the counterpart in Saudi Arabia, we will then translate this and ensure it is correct in order to proceed with the normal application. Please email all invitations to

2.  Job Category 2: Owners of companies, organisations, Members of Boards, Directors, Employees and their representatives.

This category covers most other professions, and your profession should be given to your counterpart in Saudi Arabia to obtain you their invitation for the visa application. Typically these cover nearly all office based roles of positions, such as consultants, advisors, managers, accountants, people in sales roles, and so forth. Therefore in most cases we would advise putting your department and your role; eg sales manager; accounts director; and so forth. You can contact us at should you require further guidance.

If the applicant is an engineering worker, in order to ensure there is no conflict with the rules stated as per the point belows, it is advised that Business Meetings or office based activities are mainly put as the core purpose of visit when the invitation is obtained by your Saudi Arabian inviters.

3.  Job Category 3: Manual workersand Artisan/Craftsmans

During the issuance of the rule changes, the Saudi embassy have stated their wish to hire domestic workers for various positions not requiring foreign specialist skills, and have stated work visas will not be issued for Manual workers and craftsman/artisans. The most common job categories for artisan/craftsman might include:

Welders, Electricians, Fitters, Turners, Millwrights, Sheetmetal Workers, Boilermakers, Mechatronics, Mechanics, Toolmakers, Patternmakers, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Joiners, Shutterhands, Steel fixers, Glaziers, Plasterers, Tilers, Sound technicians and Instrumentation and electronics technicians.

In the event that you are any of the above in category 3, then please see the Important Points section as below.

Important Points:

Details on your invitation: Please note that as a Saudi Visa agency, our main role is to advise on the documentation, undertake the relevant enjaz document procession, attest any employer support letters, submit the paperwork to the embassy and collect. We will submit based on the guidelines as above. If you wish for us to proceed with submitting any documentation on the Business Visit Visa, regardless of job profession or purpose of visit, we will proceed with this, however cannot provide any assurances of visa issuance from the official embassy.

Statement on Visa: “Not Permitted To Work”: will be stated on all visas. This is written mainly to ensure that those professions as per Job Category 3 are adhered to, however may not be applicable to specialist technical professions. In the event you are undertaking any form of technical work in Saudi Arabia, we would advise that you speak with your Saudi Arabia counterparts before your visit to ensure that you will successfully be able to undertake your work in Saudi Arabia with the visa that has been issued and adhering to their local regulations. Please see our terms and conditions which stipulate that our role will be to undertake the visa processing on your behalf in London, however take no responsibility for your activities in Saudi Arabia or with the company you are visiting which should be address directly.


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