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Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
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99% Successful Visa Applications
Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

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Important Changes in the Process

  • Effective as of 6th November 2023, the Saudi Arabian embassy now requires all applicants that are applying for a Saudi Visa in the UK to attend to submit biometric details as a new part of the application process. The biometric details and applications are submitted at the Visa Application centre in London by appointment only.
  • Upon receipt of the documents, Rapid Visas will contact the applicant in order to book the appointment. Rapid Visas will prepare the paperwork and legalise the employment support letters.

Important steps: Our staff member will meet the applicant at the Visa Centre to hand over the prepared paperwork required during submission including the legalised employment support letter. After the appointment our team member will then collect the collection papers issued at the centre so that we can collect the passport and visa the following day, and forward them accordingly. The visa processing takes 2 working days to be issued from the submission date at the appointment. The appointment date is dependent on availability.

If you are planning on visiting Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Jeddah or Damman, or anywhere else in the country and the intention of your trip is to either:

  • Visit family members or relatives
  • Visit for tourist and tourism purposes
  • Visit friends

Then a family visit visa or tourist visa is required. Both application types are to be made either via our agency of the Saudi Embassy in London.

Reasons to use our Saudi visa service

The most important document that you will need is a MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Invitation is required.

How do you obtain this MOFA letter of Invitation?

The person that is inviting you from Saudi Arabia must go visit these offices with your passport details and request an invite for yourself. This can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Once this invite has been authorised, then it is faxed to the Saudi embassy in London. This contains a very important number called a ‘visa number’. The MOFA invite is also sent to you as well.

What do I do when I have the family visit visa invitation?

In order to start your tourist / visit Saudi visa application the next step is for you to complete the relevant application forms on our website. Once you have downloaded our visitor visa application form, and have your passport and 2 passport size photographs, they must be sent to our address in London. We can process your family travel documents once you have provided the requirements in a matter of 2 to 3 working days.

Download the Saudi Family visit visa forms

For questions on any part of the site, the travel requirements of what the Kingdom of Saudi will require, then you are welcome to contact us at our offices 7 days a week.

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Fees

The Saudi Arabia Family Visit fees depend upon, the visa duration, number of entries and the nationality of the applicant.. Below are the main fees and information you will need to undertake an application for a Saudi Family Visit Visa:

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Fees – Rest of the world, excl USA Passport Holders

3 Months Multiple£491.00
6 Months Multiple£716.00
1 Year Multiple£1166.00
2 Years Multiple£1866.00

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Fees for Schengen Passports Holders

All Visa Types – All Durations£91.00

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Fees for Japanese Passports Holders

All Visa Types – All Durations£61.00

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Fees for US and Turkish Passports Holders

All Visa Types – All Durations£141.00

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Fees for Indian Passports Holders

3 Months Multiple£81.00
6 Months Multiple£111.00
1 Year Multiple£186.00
2 Years Multiple£246.00

The fees above are for the visa fee only and exclusive of our company service fees, medical insurance fees for the Saudi embassy in London and also any prices for Saudi document legalisation that might be required to support the application.

Saudi Arabia Family visit visa requirements

Please see the table below which outlines the main requirements for the Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

Photos35mm x 45mm passport size photos against a white/grey colored background are required. Only 1 photo is required for the application.
Application FormThe Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa Application form PDF version can be downloaded from our website. This PDF form can be completed by hand and signed accordingly. We use this data to enter it into the enjazit database when completing your application for submission to the saudi Arabia Embassy in London.
PassportFor British UK Passport holders, the passport is sufficient enough. For EU nationals, proof of residence in the form of a utility bill/bank statement with their UK address would be enough which are to be no older than 3 months. For Non EU Nationals residing in the United Kingdom, the valid UK residence permit, indefinite leave to remain or other immigration supporting permission by the UK government will suffice. Photocopies for these are acceptable.
Letter of InvitationSaudi Family Visit Visas require an invitation issued from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for the visa. The full process to apply for a visa is given below. Please kindly follow these. Once you have the invite, you are requested to send it to our team for checking the status online.

Please note that whilst the application is already in processing phase at the Saudi embassy in London, it is not possible to get a Saudi visa status update as they do not give any guaranteed issuance times, however it should be noted that the typical turnaround time for visa processing is 2 working days.

Saudi Family Visit Visa Document Legalisation

Please consult with one of our visa consultants on your full travel requirements, and who you shall be visiting and your relationship to them, along with who you shall be traveling with as well.

The Saudi Arabian embassy in London and for most around the world, will require documentation proof connecting the relationships. For example if an applicant is visiting their sibling, then the shared birth certificate is required. Other documents for relationship confirmation include marriage certificates, adoption certificates as well.

If a traveller is travelling with a minor, then the birth certificate will be required in the same application. If an applicant is visiting their partner who might be residing in Saudi Arabia, then their marriage certificate will also be required.

However all these documents will need to be legalised first by the Saudi Arabian embassy at their ratification section as Saudi Arabia is not a part of the Hague convention. Before the embassy will accept any documents for attestation, all documents will need to be apostilled at the FCO / Foreign Commonwealth Office. Depending on the document, some might need to be solicitor certified or notarised by a solicitor. Please visit our Saudi document legalisation page.

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa Extension

Getting a visa extension is a common question. Unfortunately no visa extensions are allowed for Saudi Arabia Visit Visas, and once a visa has expired, a new one must be applied for with a new invitation obtained again from the ministry of foreign affairs.

In order to find out more about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / MOFA in Riyadh, please visit our MOFA specific page. Information about Iqama extensions can be found on our Iqama and visa extension page.

Exit and Reentry Family visa Rules for Saudi Arabia

If an applicant has a multiple entry visa, then they can exit and reenter Saudi Arabia on as many occasions as they wish to as long as the visa has not surpassed its expiry date and has not gone past its maximum duration.

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