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saudi visa uk
Saudi Visa UK

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Checklists

KSA Visa Document Checklist

Please see detailed checklists below for each document type that is required for the Saudi visa application, along with the a sub checklist with the most common errors relating to that requirement.

We request that this is reviewed before sending the application to us to avoid Saudi visa rejections or delays. Your visa consultant will guide you accordingly.

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Checklist
Document Checklist Reviewed and Completed
Letter of invitation 🗹
Employer support letter 🗹
Visa application form 🗹
Passport 🗹
Photograph 🗹
Additional information 🗹

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirement Checklist

Please review the sub checklists below to ensure that each requirement has been prepared in line with the tick boxes as below

Letter of Invitation Checklist

In order to understand your letter of invitation, please see our Saudi letter of invitation guide which gives detailed information on each part of the MOFA invite.

Requirement: Letter of invitation
Check List
1. The invitation is from the Saudi CoC LOI (Chamber of Commerce) or MOFA LOI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 🗹
2. The invitation is addressed to the KSA Embassy in London 🗹
3. When comparing LOI with ESL - the 2 documents have been check against each other and match 🗹
4. Full name of the applicant is on the letter of invitation (typo in the first or middle name is ok, typo in surname will cause rejection) 🗹
5. Nationality on LOI same as the PPT provided for the visa process 🗹
6. Type of visa agrees with the job title of the person on LOI 🗹
Common Mistakes Made By Applicants for this Requirement
1. Job title doesn't match the visa type
2. Wrong nationality
3. UK company on LOI doesn't match the company on ESL
4. Letter addressed to Dublin, Abu Dhabi or other city not in the UK

Employer Support Letter Checklist

Please see our Employer Support Letter completion guide which provides a step by step process on how to complete the ESL using the invitation information

Requirement: Employer Support Letter
Check List Points
1. Company letter headed paper - the company on ESL must match the UK employer on LOI 🗹
2. Dated within a MONTH from the date of SUBMISSION of the application 🗹
3. Addressed to the KSA embassy in London (30 Charles Street, W1J 5DZ, Mayfair, London) 🗹
4. Correct company registration number in the opening paragraph of the letter 🗹
5. Usually this same reg no. appears in the footer of the letter, always check they are both the same to avoid rejection at ABCC 🗹
6. Company activities in the opening paragraph 🗹
7. Full name of the applicant - agrees with LOI and PPT 🗹
8. Correct PPT number and nationality 🗹
9. Job title EXACTLY THE SAME as per LOI 🗹
10. Invitation number (Coc LOI) or Visa number (MOFA LOI) 🗹
11. Reason for travel stated as per invitation 🗹
12. Duration of visit (cannot be longer that the duration of stay on LOI) 🗹
13. Travel date within reasonable time to allow for the visa process 🗹
14. Type of visa has to match the type on LOI 🗹
15. Number of visits has to match the number on LOI 🗹
17. Full name and job title of the person who signed the letter 🗹
Common Mistakes Made By Applicants for this Requirement
1. ESL is a scan - must be the original 🗹
2. Wrong registration number 🗹
3. Wrong visa type or validity of the visa (doesn't match LOI) 🗹
4. Job title doesn't match the job title on LOI 🗹
5. Wrong invitation number/ visa number 🗹
6. Wrong PPT number 🗹
7. No job title of the person signing the letter 🗹
8. Travel date already in the past or not possible to fulfill (i.e. tomorrow) 🗹

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Form Checklist

Please also see our Saudi Arabia Visa form completion guide incase any of checklists have not been met

Requirement: Employer Support Letter
Check List Points
Full name 🗹
Current nationality 🗹
Previous nationality 🗹
Marital Status 🗹
Religion 🗹
UK address 🗹
Saudi address 🗹
Point of entry into Saudi Arabia 🗹
Proposed departure date 🗹
Common Mistakes Made By Applicants for this Requirement
1. No previous nationality stated, BUT place of birth is in a different country than current PPT (call the client) 🗹
2. No previous nationality stated but name is foreign (we will call for this however please state if birthplace elsewhere) 🗹
3. No religion stated but country of origin is known as Islamic (call the client - we cannot assume religion) 🗹
4. European name but religion stated as Islam (needs Islam conversion certificate) 🗹
5. Muslim name but religion stated as N/A (call the client - we cannot assume religion) 🗹
6. Arabic sounding name but religion stated as Non-Muslim (needs conversion certificate from a Church) 🗹
7. No marital status (call the client - we cannot assume if someone is married or not) 🗹
8. UK address missing (check the back of the PPT in the emergency details, if not call the client) 🗹
9. Saudi address - you can also find it on ESL or LOI (sponsor details) 🗹
10. Departure date - you can also find it on ESL under 'travel date' 🗹

Passport Checklist

The following checklist is applicable for UK and Non UK nationals

Requirement: Passport
1. Valid for more than 6 months 🗹
2. Two empty, adjacent pages 🗹
3. Not damaged 🗹
4. No Israeli stamp 🗹
5. No current Saudi visa (if there is one they need a cancellation letter) 🗹
Common Mistakes Made By Applicants for this Requirement
1. Two empty pages BUT not next to each other 🗹
2. Two empty pages with one small stamp - it is easily assumed this is ok but unfortunately it is not good enough 🗹
3. Current Saudi visa and no cancellation letter provided 🗹

Photograph Checklist

Requirement: Photographs
Check List Points
1. Bad quality is not a problem 🗹
2. They have to be taken against plain background 🗹
3. Face has to be visible 🗹
Common Mistakes Made By Applicants for this Requirement
1. Photographs not included at all 🗹
2. Very dark so the face is not visible enough after scanning 🗹
3. Niqab covering the entire face 🗹

Additional Information Checklist

Requirement: Additional Information Checklist
Check List Points
1. Utility bill dated within 3 months - for NON UK applicants from within EU (council tax, gas, electricity, phone etc.) 🗹
2. Residency card - a plastic pink and blue card giving permission to work and live in the UK for applicants from outside EU 🗹
3. UK visa or UK entry stamp in the PPT - can be provided instead of residency permit for a non UK and non EU national 🗹
4. Visa cancellation letter - has to be provided if the applicant has a valid Saudi visa in ANY of their PPTs 🗹
5. Flight details for all applicants with current or previous SYRIAN, IRAQI or PERSIAN (Iran) nationality 🗹
6. Islam conversion certificate (for Muslim applicants from non-Islamic countries with European names) 🗹
7. Certificate of baptism from a Church (for non-Muslim applicants from Islamic countries with Arab names) 🗹
8. Visas checklist (after checking to be discarded) 🗹
Common Mistakes Made By Applicants for this Requirement
1. Utility bill is very older than 3 month 🗹
2. Utility bill provided by a national from outside EU (i.e. Sudan) - not enough for the visa purpose 🗹
3. The residency card has expired 🗹
4. If we have received a copy of the residency card, but only one side is provided (both sides are needed for the visa) 🗹
5. The UK visa has expired 🗹
6. The applicant has his UK visa in old, expired PPT (we need that PPT to be submitted alongside the current one) 🗹
7. The current Saudi visa is in a different PPT that the applicant provided us with, didn't send a cancellation letter 🗹
Note that the assumption that one visa inside one passport will not suffice, and will cause a rejection. Only one current visa allowed per applicant, regardless of number of passports held 🗹
Applicants must cancel any previous but not expired visas in all their PPTs in order to be granted a new one. 🗹

If there are any queries regarding any items from the checklist, please contact us so that we can assist accordingly.

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