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Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
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Saudi Arabia Embassy in London

Saudi Arabia Embassy in London

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The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based in central London, with the full details of the locality given below.

As well as being the diplomatic base of Saudi Arabia in the United Kingdom, the embassy also acts as the functional centre for the administrative components required to facilitate different aspects of the Saudi Arabia.

Please note we are not the embassy, but an agency based in central London that helps thousands of individuals and businesses every year to obtain a successful outcome whatever their requirement. We have daily submissions to the Saudi embassy and well versed in whatever your requirement. Please see a summary of our main services which we can assist with:

Saudi Arabia Legalisations and Document Attestations

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a member of the Hague Convention, therefore if you are requiring to send documents to Saudi Arabia, we can easily assist with this, by providing daily assistance with Saudi Arabia documentation authentication, and have the Saudi embassy attest and legalise the documents.

We can assist with a range of document certifications for personal information eg marriage certificates, birth certificate legalisation, death certification attestation, degree certificate ratification. The time required by the Saudi embassy to attest documentation is usually a 24 hour service however the documents are required to be both notarised by a public notary, and then Apostilled by the FCO as well. As well as legalising the information we can also offer our notarisation services and to apostille them. Please visit our Saudi Arabia document legalisation and attestation page for more information.

Saudi Cultural Bureau in London

As well as the embassy for legalisations, we also work closely with the Saudi cultural bureau in London in terms of getting all the information. The cultural bureau usually attests documents for nationals to utilise their certification in Saudi. However, for non-Saudi Applicants, the SACB are authorised to only attest academic certificates. For private documents, the certifications must be certified by the UK instituted that is was generated by.

Saudi Arabia Visas

Saudi Arabia Business Visas – If you are intending to visit Saudi for business purposes, we can assist with companies who need to get their visa within 1 to 2 working days. We provide a comprehensive guide and consultancy services. Please visit our KSA Business visa for more information.

Saudi work visas – If you having been recruited to work in Saudi Arabia, and have the official employment offer in place, then we can help provide a service for this, the full Saudi Arabia work visa information, attestations, contract checks, translations and so forth. For more information on the Saudi Arabia employment work visas please see our page.

Saudi family visit visas

If you are looking to visit Saudi Arabia for family visit reasons, and have an invitation at hand, then please see our Saudi Family visit visa page for further information. We can quite easily assist here, and obtain this for you. Please note that a Saudi Arabia visit visa is not the same as a Umrah or Hajj visa.

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in London is the diplomatic mission of the KSA in the UK. The Government of Saudi Arabia is represented by more than 50 diplomatic missions worldwide, through which it deepens its relations with other countries. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London is one of the oldest of its missions; established in 1930.

The two countries share a long history of trade and economic partnerships. The Kingdom remains one of the strongest allies of the UK and a vital economic and security partner in the Arabian Peninsula. It is the UK’s largest trading partner in the Middle East. As of 2020, there are over 200 British joint venture companies and approximately 6,000 UK-based firms export to the KSA. In addition, there are over 20,000 UK citizens working in the Kingdom and more than 15,000 highly-qualified Saudi students pursuing advanced degrees in UK-based educational programs.

The Kingdom’s numerous diplomatic missions worldwide not only represent the interests of its citizens living or working abroad, but also fulfil the role of being the point of contact between these countries and Saudi Arabia. Whether one is a citizen of Saudi Arabia living in the UK in need of assistance, or a UK-based Muslim intending to visit the Kingdom for Hajj or business, the Embassy will assist the individual through its various consular and passport services.

Located at Charles Street, Mayfair, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London performs vital functions through various departments, such as:

  • Defence Attaché’s Office
  • Cultural Office
  • Consular Office
  • Commercial Section
  • Economic Section
  • Islamic Affairs Section
  • Health Attaché’s Office

For all travel from the UK to the KSA, the approval and issuance of Saudi Arabia visas is granted by the Saudi Embassy in London. The visa laws are in accordance with the ones dictated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), an important executive branch of the Government of the KSA. The decision of the Embassy, with regard to any visa issuance and stamping, is considered final.

Services Provided by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in London is the representative body for the Saudi Arabian government abroad, fulfilling commercial, visa and diplomatic responsibilities associated with the UK government and other diplomatic missions, on behalf of the Saudi government.

Businesses and individuals can apply for a Saudi visa to travel to the Kingdom at the Embassy. It takes about 2-3 working days for a visa application to be processed. The Embassy is also approached for various types of assistance, required by Saudi nationals residing in the UK.

The following is a summary of the various roles and responsibilities of the Embassy.

  • The Saudi Arabia Embassy in London processes visa applications of both Saudi citizens living in the UK and UK citizens and businesses applying for travel to the Kingdom for various purposes. This includes:
  1. Employment visa
  2. Tourism Visa
  3. Business Visit Visa
  4. Family Visit Visa
  5. Companion Visa
  6. Hajj Visa
  7. Residence Visa
  8. Extension of Exit/Re-entry Visa
  9. Seaman Visa
  10. Study Visa
  11. Diplomatic Visa
  12. Transit Visa
  • Assists Saudi Arabian citizens during medical or legal emergencies and issues new passports, traffic tickets and other urgent travel documents
  • Offers immigration services to citizens of other countries.
  • Registers births, deaths, property and marriages of Saudi citizens living in the UK.
  • Assists in the completion of all formalities regarding a deceased Saudi citizen, until the body is transferred to the Kingdom.
  • Looks into affairs of Saudi students and citizens through the Cultural Attaché, Health Attaché and other departments of the Embassy.
  •  Authenticates documents issued in the UK, to be used for various purposes in the Kingdom. This includes educational certificates, bank certificates, marriage contracts and translation of birth certificates.
  • Issuance of certificates with the title, “To Whom It May Concern,” according to the citizen’s request for reference. Saudi citizens can report loss or theft of important documents to the Embassy, seeking re-issuance. Such documents include:
  1. Family book
  2. Status card
  3. Driving licenses
  4. Passports
  5. Proof of life certificate

Contact Details of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London

The address of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London is:

30 Charles Street,


London W1J 5DZ

The United Kingdom

Phone: +442-079-173000

Fax: 00442079173113

Email Address:


The working hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except Fridays. The offices of Saudi Embassy in London may also be closed on UK and Saudi Arabian public holidays.

The nearest tube stations to the location are Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria. One can also take bus line numbers 2, 38, 9 and C2 to reach the Embassy. The South-Eastern and the Southern train lines pass through this location too.

Services Provided by Saudi Able Link

Saudi Visa applications for travel to the KSA can either be filed directly at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London, or through an approved agency. Saudi Able Link acts as the trusted bridge between visa applicants and the Embassy, for all visa processing requirements.

Our Saudi visa agents take on the responsibility to deliver your application, with all the required documents and requisite Saudi visa fees and pricings, to the Embassy, within working hours. They then receive the passport, with the approved visa stamp, and send it back to you at the earliest. We can also complete all your document attestation and legalisation requirements, as and when required during the visa process.

Through years of experience of working within the Kingdom’s visa processing laws and regulations, we have formed close and credible ties with officials at the Embassy. You can trust us to handle all your private information and confidential documents with utmost care. We will keep you informed regarding your visa status and also provide you the tracking number, when we dispatch your visa documents back to you via courier.

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