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Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London

Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London

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Located in Chiswick, the Cultural Bureau, Embassy of Saudi Arabia (SACB), in London performs several core functions in matters of education, science and consulate affairs pertaining to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It acts as a vital bridge between educational and research institutions in the UK and the KSA, fostering a strategic partnership, based on cultural and scientific ties.

Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London

To fulfil its responsibilities, the bureau plays many roles. It is responsible for helping Saudi students enrol in educational and scholarship programmes in universities or institutes appropriate to their studies and recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education. The organisation also aims to preserve and promote the Kingdom’s rich history and cultural heritage, by organising various cultural weeks, conferences and exhibitions in the UK.

These responsibilities are carried out by over ten different departments, including the Department of Academic Affairs, Department of Education, Department of Cultural Affairs, Public Relations Department, Department of Student Counselling and the Financial Affairs Department. Its role in consulate affairs and visa applications for the KSA is an important one too.

The bureau is responsible for attesting all documents and certificates issued by the United Kingdom, before they are legalised by the Saudi Arabian Embassy. This means that certificates and college awards to be used for any purposes in Saudi Arabia must be verified by the SACB, before attestation. This process is also called Saudi document legalisation.

Saudi Arabia has extensive diplomatic presence worldwide, including in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. The country maintains more than 100 embassies abroad, most of which have an associated cultural bureau, including those in Canada and Japan.

Services Offered by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau

The SACB provides support to students to get admission into UK-based colleges and research programmes by:

  • Helping students enrol in universities in the UK, particularly where there are no Saudi scholarship beneficiaries in abundance.
  • Aiding students to get admission in scientific courses of a rare and highly competitive nature.
  • Seeking optimisation and continuous improvement of academic programmes for Saudi students enrolled in various programs.
  • Facilitating medical treatment for Saudi students in the UK.
  • Fostering connections between universities and scientific research centres in the UK with those in Saudi Arabia
  • Maintaining a student directory of all KSA students enrolled in various programmes in the UK, by gathering data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Helping students manage their financial matters, such as opening bank accounts, scholarship allowances and more.
  • Facilitating procedures for students to obtain and renew passports, flight data, replacing stolen and damaged passports.
  • Verifying and attesting academic certificates to obtain work contracts in the KSA.
  • Attesting documents to apply for visa, change of profession or to transfer sponsorship.

Contact Details

The Saudi Cultural Bureau London is situated at:
630 Chiswick High Rd,
London W4 5RY
United Kingdom

Contact number: +44 20 3249 7000


The London Underground route from Tower Hill to Richmond passes through the Chiswick station. Tube stations closest to the location are Gunnersbury Station, Chiswick Business Park, Chiswick Park and Kew Bridge (Z). Apart from this, the bus lines that pass through the bureau are 237, 391 and H91. The South Western Railway and TFL rail are also options if one wants to reach by train.

How Saudi Ablelink Can Help

Whether you are applying for a job in Saudi Arabia or attending a scientific conference, all your academic certifications, issued by the UK, will need to be verified by the SACB in London, before the Saudi Embassy in London legalises them and approves your Saudi Arabia visa application.

The verification can be completed online, through the official Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau website in London. Certificates need to be issued by an accredited UK institution. However, if the document is not issued by the UK, you will need to contact the Saudi Cultural Attaché in the country of origin, as the UK office will not be able to verify it. The rules for non-Saudi applicants are different. SACB does not attest experience letters, fellowship certificates and training certificates for non-Saudi citizens.

Document legalisation needed for any purpose in Saudi Arabia can appear daunting and confusing. Our visa consultants can take care of everything for you, including the paperwork, contacting relevant authorities and getting attested documents delivered to you. We are regularly in touch with the SACB and have a great relationship with all the officials. With our in-depth knowledge about the attestation process within the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London, the legalisation and attestation process will become a fast and easy one.

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