Visa Processing Since 2007
Visa Processing Since 2007
Accredited Saudi Visa Agents
Accredited Saudi Visa Agents
Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
99% Successful Visa Applications
99% Successful Visa Applications
Contact Us – Visa Service and Agency

Contact Us – Visa Service and Agency

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Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional London based visa agency that specialises in the issuance of:

If you have any questions regarding the Saudi visa application process on anything related, then please contact us:

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    Call Our Saudi Arabia Visa Consultants

    Call Us On: 0207 096 1985

    Address: 180 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9HF

    Email Enquiries
    Please either use our contact form above which will be
    instantly received by one of our visa consultants.

    Or email us at:

    Sending Us a Saudi Arabia Visa Application

    If you are sending your application from within the UK, whether you are based in London or not, we advise sending us your application via royal mail special delivery, DHL or TNT. Royal mail special delivery is a next day guaranteed service available from any post office.

    Sending Us Your Application Via Courier:
    If You are sending us your application by courier from within or outside the United Kingdom, or wish to drop the passport off to us, then please contact us on 0207 096 1985.

    Can We Answer Your Query Online?

    The answer to your question might be online already – please see the links below:

    1. If you have a question regarding the type visa you require, then please view our visa types section below to see what type of is right for your application:
    1. Do you have a question about the application process, the government invite, requirements and more – all answers can be found via our FAQ’s section as per the link:
    1. Do you wish to open a corporate account with us for regular Saudi Visas and great cost and time saving -please visit our corporate accounts page:

    Other Institution and Saudi Arabian Government Contacts:

    Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau

    The Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London (SACB) is another government institution of the Saudi Arabian MOFA which acts as the representative for Saudi Arabian cultural matters in the UK, with the aim of forming a cultural bridge between the Kingdom and UK for its students. Please see our page which gives an overview of their services and contact information before you wish to proceed. Please note that they will need to be used if you are looking to have any qualifications attested by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO).

    Foreign Commonwealth Office / FCO

    The FCO based in Victoria, London is used when documents are to be legalised by the Saudi embassy. Any document that needs to be ratified must have the full FCO apostille on it with verification. Unless the document is a birth/marriage/death certificate, GMC medical report or police check certificate, all other documents will either need a solicitor or notary stamp to show verification.

    As Saudi Arabia is not a part of the Hague convention, all Saudi document legalisations that are to be legalised by the Saudi embassy for any visa requirement will need to be attested by the Saudi Arabian embassy beforehand. Please visit our FCO page for further information,

    Arab British Chamber of Commerce

    The Arab British Chamber of Commerce also known as the ABCC is the representative body of Arab countries with common interests undertaking business activities within the United Kingdom. They are also authorised to provide the employer support letter attestation which is needed for the Saudi Arabian visa application. Please see the relevant page which gives more information about them, along with their contact details including their phone number, how to get there, and address.

    Worldwide Embassies page

    If you are trying to contact one of them many Saudi Arabian embassies abroad including the Saudi Embassy in IslamabadSaudi Arabia Embassy in DelhiSaudi Embassy in Washington, or Saudi Consulate in New York, please see our directories page. If you are intending to contact the Saudi Embassy in London for a visa application process, then please liaise with one of our consultants as we undertake a range of applications on a daily basis.

    Who we are
    We are a London based Saudi visa agency specialising in assisting businesses, individuals, UK companies, Saudi companies in the administrative part of the visa application process, legalisation and visa medicals.

    We work closely with the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London for submission, collections and updating requirements. Please note that we are not the official KSA embassy, and although we can assist with immigration and visa matters, we cannot assist with any other aspects. We advise you visit our embassy roles in the different divisions and then proceed to contact the Saudi Embassy in London from there.

    Our Services Provided

    We provide services for all visas for Saudi Arabia, notably business visas, visit visas, online visas, Umrah Visas, work visas, along with other types. Please visit our visa types page in order to see the requirements and start your visa application for Saudi.

    Book an Appointment with a Visa Consultant

    If you wish to meet one of our visa consultants personally at our central London office to go through your visa application in person, we request that you book an appointment with one of our consultants beforehand. Please use our contact form on this page. Please note that we can also book a telephone appointment with one of our consultants as well. Please in the message section enter as much information about your visa situation.

    Saudi Arabia Visa Medical Report

    If you wish to obtain more information about booking a Saudi visa medical, getting the Saudi visa medical form, or using one off authorised medical providers in central London or elsewhere in the country, then please contact us accordingly to book this for you. Usually the medical appointments are set at different offices around central London, a selection of which shall be given. Please note that this will not be located at our offices as no doctors or testing equipment is based here.

    Umrah and Hajj Information

    We can assist with clients who require assistance in their Umrah visa applications, and those looking to visit for religious pilgrimage and requirements for the Sharek visa. For travel information, please see our relevant page, however we cannot assist with flight or accommodation bookings, and issues for travellers whilst they are there.

    For any other queries that might not be listed above, please contact us so we can advise further.

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