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Visa Processing Since 2007
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Accredited Saudi Visa Agents
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Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
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99% Successful Visa Applications
Saudi Business Visa UK Application

Saudi Business Visa UK Application

Download Visa Application Pack
Biometric Appointment Information: Please kindly note that the Saudi Arabian embassy now requires all applicants that are applying for a Saudi Visa in the UK to attend to submit biometric details as a new part of the application process. The biometric details and applications are submitted at the Visa Application centre in London and by appointment only. We will book this for you once we have completed the precheck. The appointment is typically 1 hour long and at the Visa centre next to Marylebone station.
  1. Precheck We undertake the online precheck of your documents, after which you are then requested to send us your original employment support letter which we will legalise at the chamber of commerce so that it is acceptable for use at the visa centre. Please see attached template.
  2. Appointment Booking Once precheck has been confirm, we will then ask for you to use the link, giving your appointment preference time so that we can book your appointment which we will book for you accordingly.
  3. Meet & Greet You will attend the appointment and meet our team member who will deliver the legalised letter and other documents. You will be required to bring with you your passport, 2 x photos 35mmx45mm, and and for NON UK nationals, proof of UK residence, specifically: EU Nationalsimmigration status shown obtained via sharecode. For Non EU nationals their original UK British Residence permit.
  4. Return of PassportYou have the option of having the passport returned directly from the visa centre or have us collect it(an authorisation form will be required which we shall provide if you wish for us to collect).
Processing Time:
  • The visa centre had advised the processing time is 3 – 10 days. Based on average cases, the average processing time is 4 – 5 working days (please note this is not guaranteed)
  • The visa will be issued as a PDF email (usually 2 – 3 working days). You will be notified via SMS when the passport will be available for collection. It is advised firm travel plans are not made until the visa has been issued.

Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional London based visa agency that specialises in the issuance of:

  • Saudi Arabia business visa

If you are intending to undertake business in Saudi Arabia, you will need a Saudi business visa. There are 2 main types of business visas for Saudi Arabia available – this includes a single entry and a multiple entry.

Please review our table below on the Saudi visa application for business. If you have any questions that may not be answered please contact us by phone or email.

Our Process to Apply for Saudi Arabia Visa

The Saudi Visa Application Processing can appear complex and minefield with so many requirements and paperwork for a Saudi Arabia Business Visa, Saudi Work Visa, Saudi Family Visa & more. This added to the fact that only authorised agents can enter the Saudi Embassy in London can make the process even more complex. Please see the basic overview of the process and get in touch so that we can help.

Application Pack
Download Application Pack
Download Application Pack

Once you have acquired all the necessary documentation listed above, simply download our comprehensive application pack.

Send Arabic Invitation Letter

Select your processing time requirement via our online order form to confirm your application.

Application Prechecking

We conduct a FREE precheck of all documents to ensure there are no delays in your application.

Send Application

Send the complete application via royal mail special delivery, courier or drop in to us in London.

Attend Biometric Appointment at Saudi Visa Centre

We book your appointment and your documents are provided to you before your appointment. You will be required to attend this appointment to give your biometric data. We will collect the passport and visa for you the following day.

Visa Issuance

Once the visa has been issued, one of our representatives will contact and notify you straight away.

Return of Saudi Visa

The documentation is sent out and you are provided the relevant tracking number to monitor its progress.

Visa TypeVisa Information
Saudi Visa TypeBusiness Visa
Processing TimeVisa processing – 2 days
ABCC Attestation – 1 day
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Visa Fees3 Month Single Entry – £146
6 Month Multi Entry – £146
1 Year Multi – £476
If you are a non UK passport holder, please click here to see our visa prices page, which gives the specific prices for other EU, US, Turkish and rest of the world visa prices.Please note that your invite will state which type of visa will be issued. Our team can translate your invite.
Arab-British Chamber of Commerce EmployerArab British Chamber of Commerce registration – £36.00
Service fee for ABCC registration – £75.00 + VAT
Medical and Enjaz Fee – £70.00
Service FeeServices Fee based on service, nationality and visa details. Click here for detailed pricing page.
  • Visa Order Form – Stage 1
  • Completed Saudi Visa Application Form – Stage 2 2 Passport Size photographs
  • Passport – 2 clean pages adjacent to each other, and at least 6 months validity
  • Saudi Government invite from either the Saudi Chamber of Commerce or the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • UK Employer Support Letter (Template found via downloadable application pack). Important: Please note that the letter must be the original hard copy. If your employer is based abroad, the the letter must be legalised by the Saudi embassy in the country of registration and then sent to us. Please contact us.
  • The Letter must be attested at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London. We can provide this service for you if you are unable to visit their offices for registration.
Extra Information
  • You must ensure that you do not hold any existing Saudi visas that are current. All previous visas must have expired before making your new application.
  • Your passport must not contain a Israeli.
  • Important Note: The Saudi Arabia embassy visa department is only open Monday – Thursday, and closed on Fridays. Therefore the processing time is exclusive of these.

SEND US YOUR Saudi Arabian MOFA Arabic Invite

An Arabic Invitation Letter is issued to business & other visa type applicants obtaining their visa from the Saudi embassy in London. If this is not obtained then this must be request by the Saudi inviting company. The letter of invitation is issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be emailed to you. This is usually in Arabic and contains vital information.

The first part of the process is to email it to us or upload it here.
We will then undertake a Free Arabic translation of the invitation so that you can start preparing the necessary paperwork including the Employment support letter and forms.
We Will precheck these documents and guide you along the process.
Click To Upload Invite
SEND US YOUR Saudi Arabian MOFA Arabic Invite

What a Saudi business visa looks like?

Saudi Business Visa UK Application

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

Please note that the main types of job roles for the Saudi business visa are described below. Please see our business visa guides webpage which defines that type of business invitations that are issued in Saudi Arabian which will allow for the application to be made.

Main Purposes of trip for Saudi Business Visa

General meetings, discussions, conference, discussing projects, meeting a client, opening a new branch – office jobs not related to any manual work

Main Job Titles for Saudi Business Visa

Director (sales, product, technical, general), CEO, Consultant, Advisor, Manager (product, project, sales, office), HR, Administration Officer, Representative, Partner, Company Owner

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Application Process Guide

Step NumberDescription
Step 1Obtain invitation letter from Saudi Arabia sponsor. This can be emailed to you
Step 2Have your invitation translated by one of our visa consultants
Step 3Complete Employer Support Letter (see below). The ESL can only be completed on the back off information given on the invitation.
Step 4Complete all other requirements including application form, medical form, order form and photos
Step 5 Send all information to our London office. We will process this in 2 to 3 working days.

Invitation Letter for Saudi Business Visa

All business visas for Saudi Arabia require an invitation from the chamber of commerce or ministry of foreign affairs. The information of the invitation can be seen at our invitation page, you can send a link for this page to your sponsor or inviter in Saudi Arabia. This is the first step of your visa process and needs to be obtained before you can commence. This will commonly be written in Arabic, therefore if you need a translation for this, please contact one of our team members. Please also see our invitation page which states how to decode the invite and apply it to the ESL as below.

Employer Support Letter for Saudi Business Visa

For more information on completion of the ESL which is included in our application pack, please see our dedicated page, however note that all applicants are required to provide this with their visa application.

The ESL will be attested at the ABCC ( Arab British Chamber of Commerce ). If the applicant’s employer is registered in the UK, then the company registration is checked against the companies house database.

For self employed applicants please contact us. For applicants with foreign based employers or are freelancers, please see our ESL guide page for further information, however in short the employer support letter for foreign employers will need to be legalised by the Saudi embassy and then sent to us. The ESL can only be completed once you have the invitation as the invitation number needs to be stated on it, along with the information of the traveller, and be within one month old, with the future travel date stated on it.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa processing Time

Once you have the invitation, we can then proceed to start your saudi business visa application compiling all the requirements (see below). The normal processing time is 2 to 3 working days, depending on the day we receive the application inside our offices. If we receive the application before 1pm then this will allow us to attest the employer support letter that day and to submit the application into the embassy the following day. After 1pm we would not be able to attest the letter.

The above timeframes assume that all applications have been accurately completed and there are no issues with any of the paperwork. This is why we would advise all applicants undertaking a precheck with one of our saudi visa consultants beforehand, and before completion of the order form.

Saudi Arabia Business visa application form

The business visa application form for Saudi can be downloaded from our website Saudi visa form page and also via the downloadable email application pack as well. This contains an overview of the process, a template of the employer support letter, precheck guides and questions. The visa application form will ask you for your residential information, the details for the people you are looking to visit in Saudi Arabia, information about your travel information (flights and travel dates), along with details of the applicant such as their religion and marital status. Please see our how to complete the Saudi visa application form page for more information on this.

Saudi Arabia business visa extension

If you already hold an existing visa, and it is close to expiry, unfortunately these cannot be extended. Applicants will be required to obtain a new invitation from the chamber of commerce and make a fresh application via the embassy. Note that the extensions can be applied to an Iqama which allow applicants to reside in Saudi Arabia. Note that one would need to apply for a Saudi Arabia work visa for this.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Cost

The costs are variable for all business visa applicants based on various factors, please see below for more details. It is advised that when you are liaising with your Saudi Arabian inviter, if you have any specific requirements that you wish for your visa, you should request this from your Saudi Arabian counterpart who will make the request when they obtain the invitation from the MOFA or Chamber of commerce.

Visa validity: Typically most visas are either single or multiple entries. Visa lengths will typically vary from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years and 5 years.

Nationality: Although this is something that is fixed, the price of the visa will vary based on your passport nationality.

For a full breakdown of visa fees, please see our Saudi Visa fees page which goes through every combination

Saudi Visa Medical Insurance

For more information about the Saudi Arabia visa medical insurance, please visit our Saudi medical visa insurance page. However, all visas issued from the embassy will automatically issue travel insurance which covers medical requirements whilst in the kingdom. The Saudi government has a set number of suppliers, and whilst we undertake the enjaz creation using the Saudi MOFA government website, this will be created. We will print the insurance out accordingly and attach it for you when we return your passport with the visa inside it. Please note that typically these medical insurances will be the same as the length of your visa.

Entering via Bahrain-Saudi Causeway

If your business trip requires you to travel to Saudi Arabia’s 3rd city of Damman, then many travellers will fly into Bahrain and cross the Saudi Bahrain causeway. The visa issued by the embassy in London will allow you to make this landing crossing. When our company completes the application on the enjaz website, we select “open visa” for travel ports, thus allowing travellers easy land access. For more information about this, please contact one of our team members.

Not Permitted To Work Statement

If issued a business visa, on it it will say “Not permitted to Work”, please note that this is stated to imply that an applicant cannot reside on this visa on a long term basis, and the visa cannot be used to obtain an iqama, rent a property or get full time employment. For these activities, an applicant must have a full time job with a contract, visa block number from the company and apply for a Saudi Arabia work visa. However for the purposes of obtaining a business visa, and undertaking meetings, this will be ok.

Saudi visa application for nationals outside the UK

If you are a Pakistani application looking for a business visa based in Pakistan, an Indian national based in India wanting to apply for a Saudi business visa please visit the embassies page which shall point you in the correct direction. If you are located elsewhere, or in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, another EU country or the US, please contact your local embassy.

Quick links:
Saudi embassy in Dubai
Saudi embassy in India, Delhi
Saudi Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan

For further information about a Saudi business visa, please contact our visa consultants who will advise on any of the processes or requirements described above.

All visa fees are subject to 20% VAT. Saudi Visa fees are exempt from VAT

Please note that we are not the embassy or an official government website, however a Saudi visa agency that acts as an agency ensuring that all “enumbers” and “ewallet” payments are made to the Saudi embassy, and full submission and processing is done on your behalf. If you wish to apply directly to the Saudi embassy, please visit there official website

If you have any questions regarding the Saudi Visa application process, please contact us via email or phone. As consultants to businesses for visas to Saudi Arabia we assist in all areas and have experience in all parts of this. Our Saudi visa consultants are on hand to assist.

Step 1Obtain a Saudi Visa Invite from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce or the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Step 2Send all items by courier or special delivery to our address in London


For more information on the Saudi Visa application process, please email or contact us where one of our visa consultants shall assist you with your queries.

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