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Visa Processing Since 2007
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Accredited Saudi Visa Agents
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Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
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99% Successful Visa Applications
Saudi Arabia Work Visa

Saudi Arabia Work Visa

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Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional London based visa agency that specialises in the issuance of:

  • Saudi Arabia work visa

A Saudi Working Visa allows you to stay in Saudi Arabia for 3 months, on a single entry visa. You must have a work contract along with other various requirements before you apply.

Please find below the most important information, application process and requirements needed for a Saudi Arabian Work visa. The Saudi employment visa is issued to those that have already had employment offered to them. We do have a guide on how to find work. Please see below for more information on this.

The main requirements are given in detail below, and our pricing table summarised as well also at the bottom. You can download the Saudi Arabia Work visa application pack which you can have emailed or printed in order. This part of the visa process can be complex at first, therefore we have tried to outline the process as simply as possibly.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Application Process

Step 1Obtain your employment/Job Offer
Step 2Await for the official job contract to be offered from your Saudi Arabia employer, along with the visa block number.
Once you have these from your Saudi Arabian employer, you are ready to start the application process.
Step 3The most important step after this is to get your academic and professional qualifications legalised by the FCO and attested by the Saudi Arabian cultural bureau. This can often be the most time consuming step, so you are advised to do this as soon as step 2 is completed.
Step 4Start to obtain other requirements as listed below, given in more detail (forms, ACRO check, medical)
Step 5Once you have all documents ready, please scan them to one of our visa consultants who will undertake a pre check of all documentation so that we can check all items so that we can proceed
Step 6We will legalized and apostille any certificates for you (ACRO, educational, medical reports)
Step 7We will submit the full application for the work visa to the embassy.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Requirements

Visa Block Number

This is a document with a specific number that is obtained from your prospective employer in Saudi Arabia. This is permission from the Saudi MLSD (ministry of labor and social development). This is the company’s allocation to recruit foreign workers for their company, which they must do so within 1 year. You will be required to provide this when you make your work employment visa application at the embassy in London or elsewhere.

Passport (with at least 6 months validity and 2 clean pages)

Most work visas are issued for 2 years (upgraded from 1 year in 2017), therefore it is advised to have a work visa that will cover this. Generally we would recommend that the passport be fresh, and for you to obtain a second UK passport for this if required. However the visa validity needs to run beyond the passport expiry date.

Please note that our agency can only process Saudi Arabia work visas cases for employment for British nationals only. The saudi Arabia work visa rules mean that applicants must apply from the Saudi embassy of their home country. Please list our list of worldwide embassies for applicants not located in the UK or not holding a United Kingdom passport.

Please note there are not set age limits for employment from the embassy or MLSD.

ACRO Police Certificate for Saudi Work Visa

This can be obtained from the website This is a police criminal record check that is issued from the United Kingdom, and issued primarily to UK nationals looking to emigrate abroad. Once you have the completed and verified ACRO, this is then to be legalised by the Saudi Embassy in London, however before this it is required to be Apostilled by FCO / Foreign Commonwealth Office in London. We can provide this service once you have obtained the ACRO certificate.

Letter of Introduction from Saudi Arabian Employer

This is a letter to be given if there was a previous employer in Saudi Arabia, acting as a letter of recommendation and good standing. It must be the original and on their letter headed paper signed by someone in a senior position. If this is the first Saudi Arabia work visa that is being applied for then it is not required.

Educational and/or professional body certificates attested by the Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau. Please visit our SACB page which describes the process for this. Here they will authenticate your qualifications from the academic departments or professional bodies (eg ACCA, GMC etc). This can be one of the most time consuming parts. It is highly recommended that as soon as you have a firm job offer, that you must then start this process before any other part of the process.

Saudi Visa Application Form & Declaration

The Saudi Work Visa Application Form can be downloaded from our website as shown below. Please complete this by hand, affixing the passport size photographs (35mm x 45mm) to the form. You will need to include the details of the new employer, your UK residential information also.

Employment Contract from Saudi Arabia

The issued contract from your prospective employer in Saudi Arabia must be approved by the Ministry of foreign Affairs in KSA as well as the Chamber of commerce.The contract can be in both English and Arabic.

Electronic Power of Attorney

This is the electronic power of attorney which gives us the authority to undertake the work visa application at the Saudi embassy in London on your behalf. This must state our company name, along with the applicants full name as per the passport and the job title as stated on the contract. We can provide this when a decision to start has been made.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Medical Report

You will find a medical report template in our application pack. We can book this for you at one of the approved clinics in London, where over a 30 minute Saudi visa medical they will undertake a medical examination with a physical examination, a variety of blood tests, HIV Test, Syphilis test, testing for Hepatitis B & C, testing of the liver function, a Urine analysis, a chest x ray.

Saudi Arabia Medical Report Legalisation and Apostille

Before the Saudi embassy will accept the medical report form, it is to be legalised by the foreign commonwealth office first, and following this we will then legalise it at the embassy, the usual processing time for this is 2 working days.

Travel Proof to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi embassy requests that travel proof is given in the form of flight tickets directly to Saudi Arabia from the UK. It is generally advised to book flight tickets which might be cancellable in case of any delays, rejections or issues that might occur.

Getting a job in Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for information on how to apply to find a job in Saudi Arabia, please see our page on how to find work in Saudi Arabia. This will help those from all countries apply for positions in the Kingdom. The most common positions being Medical Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Academics, Other professionals.

Visa TypeVisa Information

Saudi Visa Type

Working Visa

Saudi Work Visa Processing Time

4 Days (exc weekends)

Saudi Work Visa Requirements

  • Visa Block Number
  • Passport (with at least 6 months validity and 2 clean pages)
  • Police Certificate from – Must be legalised by the FCO.
  • Letter of Introduction from Saudi Employer
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Saudi Visa Application Form + Declaration
  • Contract from Saudi – dully signed and stamped by the Ministry of foreign Affairs in KSA
  • Electronic Power of Attorney
  • Attested Educational Certificates from the Saudi Cultural Bureau
  • The Attested Ed. Certificate must also be ratified from the Saudi Embassy (processing time 2days)
  • Medical Report Attested by the FCO
  • Visa Order Form

– All applicants who do not have British/EU passports must provide their original residence permit.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Pricing

Saudi Work Visa Service Fee: £550.00 + VAT
Foreign Office Apostille + Saudi Document Legalisation: £245.00 + VAT per document
Saudi Work Visa Fee: £17.50
Medical Report – £380 + VAT (this is optional – this can also be done by a local doctor with the medical report formSaudi Work Visa Fee: £17.50
Ratification Fee for Educational Certificate (this must be applied for direct at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
Police ACRO Check – This must be applied online directly

All visa fees are subject to 20% VAT. Saudi Visa fees are exempt from VAT

Please note that we are not the embassy or an official government website, however a Saudi visa agency that acts as an agency ensuring that all “enumbers” and “ewallet” payments are made to the Saudi embassy, and full submission and processing is done on your behalf. If you wish to apply directly to the Saudi embassy, please visit there official website
If you have any questions regarding the Saudi Work Visa application process, please contact us via email or phone. As consultants to businesses for visas to Saudi Arabia we assist in all areas and have experience in all parts of this. Our Saudi visa consultants are on hand to assist.
For more information on the Saudi Work Visa application process, please email or contact us where one of our visa consultants shall assist you with your queries.

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