7 Advantages in Setting up a Business in Saudi Arabia

Why Saudi Arabia is considered among one of the best countries to invest in across globe? Have a look on the advantages of setting up business in Saudi Arabia with our complete guide.

Saudi Arabia’s Global and Regional Economy Shifts in 2018

Learn all about the Saudi Arabia economy, jobs & working scenario, economy diversification, investment scope, trade, future plannings for Saudi Arabia’s mega sectors and much more.

Sаudі Arabia Tourism’s Vіѕіоn fоr the Future– Vіѕіt it. Exрlоrе іt. Dіѕсоvеr іt.

Find out the latest updates of Saudi Arabia’s tourism including NEOM; which is the new future of the Kingdom. Get a full guide on places to explore in Saudi, Saudi’s famous foods, things to do in Riyadh & Jeddah, business opportunities & investments, Saudi Vision 2030 and much more!

A Complete Travel Guide for Saudi Arabia

Travelling to Saudi Arabia? Get a complete Saudi Arabia travel guide & tips including safety & security, requirements, local laws, female traveler.

Finding work in the education sector in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a period of immense change and growth. Check out scope of medical field in Saudi Arabia.

Finding work in the medical field in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a period of immense change and growth. Check out scope of medical field in Saudi Arabia.

The requirement for Pilgrim visas when travelling to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia remains one of the world’s strictest countries in terms of entry requirements and visas. All those entering the country require a Saudi visa that must be applied for through an accredited agency. Accreditation is granted through the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. There are a number of visas available that allow travel to

Information on Saudi Aramco

Officially known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, most popularly known as Saudi Aramco, or simply Aramco is a Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company. With a value estimated anything between US$ 1.25 trillion and 10 trillion Saudi Aramco is the world’s most valued company. With a workforce of 55,000 the state owned

How to get to the Saudi Arabia Embassy in London by car, tube and walk?

Driving in most cities is notoriously difficult; volume of traffic, volume of people, one way systems etc. all add up to make driving in large urbanised cities an unenviable task. Then there is driving in London. A city of over 8 million people, with 2.6 million privately owned cars, over 23,000 licensed taxis, a huge

How do I get to the Saudi Embassy in London by Tube, Underground or Car

The City of London is notorious for being a maze of tube lines, bus routes, alleyways and Black Cabs. Getting from A to B is never as simple as it sounds. This article aims to break down the easiest ways of using public transport to get to the Saudi Arabian Embassy. The Saudi Arabia Embassy

How the Saudi visa process benefits from the Saudi 2030 Vision plan

For most people when they think of their next holiday destination the unlikely destination of Saudi Arabia probably won’t enter their thoughts. With strict visa requirements and the fact the country doesn’t currently offer traditional tourist visas, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long remained off limits to tourism. This may all be about to

A brief history of the relationship between U.K and Saudi Arabia

The United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have enjoyed a tumultuous yet mainly positive relationship for over 100 years. The origins of the two Kingdoms’ alliance date back to the signing of two historically important treaties. The first, The Treaty of Darin, was signed in 1915 and made the lands of the House

How to Set up Business in Saudi Arabia

 A valid Saudi business visa is required for entry into the country of Saudi Arabia.  The cities of Riyadh and Jeddah are frequent destinations for professionals in the engineering and oil industries, along with professional workers in the country’s financial and healthcare sectors.  Completing the correct information for entry and continued to employ in Saudi

History Facts about Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has four major cities, the capital being Riyadh with a population of 5.3 million people. The total population of the Kingdom is 27.3 million people, and King, Salman is the current ruler. The Kingdom covers more than two million square kilometers and her monetary unit is Riyal. Government The Kingdom is

How an Agency Can Help You in Visa Application Processing for Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a country currently thriving with work opportunities as well as tourism. There are many beautiful wonders that wait to be visited and explored. Saudi visa application may seem like a daunting task for a person who has not applied before. However, this article will take you closer to getting your Saudi visa

The prerequisites/Fundamentals of Initiating Business in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always been a country where one can go to make a profitable joint venture or to start something new in oil or finance.  A Saudi business visa UK is ideal for UK citizens who wish to go to Saudi Arabia multiple times. The Saudi business visa UK allows you to get a

Saudi Arabia Employment Scenario

There are millions of foreigners living in the Desert Kingdom; many are laborers from Asia and around 100 thousand from the West are also said to be working in Saudi Arabia. Economics The country has over 20% of the planets petroleum sources; the country’s economy is highly based on oil. Petroleum makes up to 90

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – Places to Visit Camels, cactus and Deserts, are  all that comes to mind when we talk about Saudi Arabia but what isn’t obvious is that Saudi Arabia is home to many hilly and majestic areas that are indeed a sight to see. The centuries old buildings, stairs and roads around the area

Why Plan a Vacation in Saudi Arabia?   

Saudi Arabia has long been a country of interest to people all over the world. The business sector, finance, oil and healthcare are thriving and attract visitors all year round. People from the U.S, UK and Europe can go on a vacation here using a Saudi Arabia Visitor visa. This article will include valuable information about

Cultural Aspects of Riyadh

Religion Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia which is a highly conservative Muslim country. Riyadh is notably conservative and is home to over 4000 mosques. Jeddah is the capital of the western region and has a more relaxed atmosphere; however the country’s strict moral and social rules still apply. Sharia law covers areas

How to Get a Saudi Business Visa in Just 3 Days

Getting a Saudi Business Visa is a fairly easy process. Many websites offer a quick an easy application, some taking just 3 days to process. One website which is available is https://www.saudiarabiavisa.co.uk/saudi-business-visa.html This website holds all the information the person needs to apply, and he/she can do it in just 3 steps. It offers 2

The states that make up Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is recognized as a kingdom, just like UK, and is organized into different towns and cities that make up the states. The Saudi Kingdom contains several major cities in different provinces. However there are those principles cities which are the mainstreams of the larger Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is one of the mainstream Saudi

The Culture of Saudi Arabia

One thing you would note about the Saudi Arabian culture is the strong influence of Islam in it. And even with a strong religious background, the Saudi culture is one breathtaking one and sure brings about nostalgic moments. For most folks with a gruesome Monday to Friday work schedule, perhaps Saudi Arabia is the sweet

The best restaurants in Riyadh and Jeddah

Perhaps you have Saudi Arabia as one of the destinations to travel to this year. Whether its business or pleasure, one thing remains constant; you have to eat. Thus there is a need to look for the best restaurants in Saudi Arabia towns especially the famous one of Jeddah and Riyadh. Jeddah houses a catalogue

The best methods of travelling around Saudi Arabia

Travelling around Saudi Arabia is possible through the common means of transport we know of; air, water and land. Air Travel to Saudi Arabia is the quickest especially for the Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca or the tourist wanting to enjoy the good side of the Arabic country. Saudi Arabia has about four air

Exports laws for goods in and out of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Government rules encourage national exports all the time, thus there are few export laws that restrict movement of goods outside the country. Imports are also allowed but there is a strict control of what enters the Saudi Arabian soil. First to note is that one needs to have their Saudi Arabia visa ready

Selecting the best 5 hotel residencies in Jeddah

Travellers holding a Saudi visa will simply adore the following top 5 hotel residencies in Jeddah: 1. InterContinental Jeddah Voted distinctly as world-class hotel for foreign travellers visiting Jeddah on Saudi Arabia business visa, InterContinental Jeddah enjoys a privileged status. Set on prime location, it’s an ideal place for both leisure visitors as well as

Tips on writing your Saudi visa employer support letter

Among the main requirements for submitting your application for a Saudi business visa at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the UK is essentially a support letter issued by your UK employer. The obvious question usually is how this support letter should look and what must its contents enclose. You will therefore find these

Top travel insurance companies for covering your trip to Saudi Arabia

After making final plans for your trip to the Kingdom, regardless of whether you travel on a Saudi business visa or Saudi visa for a short stay, it will be proper to obtain the right coverage for your travel insurance needs. An unforeseeable emergency, while travelling a Saudi visa in unfamiliar surroundings can lead to

What to pack when travelling to Saudi Arabia

Having obtained your Saudi visa, before packing for your trip to Saudi Arabia, there are certain aspects about the country, its people and customs that must be borne in mind. For starters, especially for those that have not travelled on a Saudi visa before, it is important to realise that Saudi Arabia is a country

The different types of Saudi visa’s

The different types of Saudi Visas If you are not adequately familiar with overall requirements, your own specific needs and other special information concerning the process of application for a Saudi visa, matters can quickly evolve into a state where things begin to get somewhat more complicated. This is a stage when any and all

Top tips for obtaining your Saudi visa

Does one need a work permit and/or visa for Saudi Arabia? As UK citizen, you will require both an entry visa for gaining entry into Saudi Arabia as well as an exit visa to depart the country. Saudi visas may normally take up to several months for their processing procedures to complete. Moreover, they can

The businessman’s guide to investing into Saudi Arabia

Understandably, you will first need to apply for a Saudi visa before investing into the country. Having obtained your Saudi visa, you can now start looking at what opportunities are ready at hand. Foreign investors are enthusiastically encouraged by the government of Saudi Arabia to engage their financial resources and efforts in the Kingdom’s rapidly

Entry Requirements – Female Travelers

Female visitors, as well as foreign residents holding a Saudi Arabia visa, are under prevailing laws, required to mandatorily have their respective sponsors meet all such visitors on arrival at a Saudi point of entry into the Kingdom. Unaccompanied female travelers, with or without a Saudi Arabia visa, who fail to be met by their

Important Entry Requirements for Your Saudi Visa Application

Every visitor, that includes Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, desirous of gaining entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, principally requires a Saudi Visa. Thus, you are commonly obliged to apply for a mandatory Saudi visa through services offered by agencies duly accredited by the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nearest your place

Health Considerations on Your Travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

About eight to ten weeks prior to the date of your planned travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is most essential to contact your general practitioner in order to verify whether there are any prevailing rules pertaining to prescribed preventive measures or vaccinations that you may be required to forthwith comply with. Moreover,

Safety and Security information when travelling to Saudi Arabia

Though this may commonly be treated as a general international phenomenon today; those living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a Saudi visa are extensively considered as being in constant confrontation with a potential threat of terrorism. It would be insensible as well as exceptionally risky to entirely rule out random terrorist attacks of

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Facts & Figures

As per an estimate arrived at in July 2010, total population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was 25,731,776, which includes a figure of approximately 5,576,076 non-Saudi nationals. As far back as in 1950, population of the Kingdom is estimated to have been as small as 3 million. The Kingdom’s ethnic composition comprises 90% nationals