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Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
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Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Application

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Application

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Important Changes in the Process

  • Effective as of 6th November 2023, the Saudi Arabian embassy now requires all applicants that are applying for a Saudi Visa in the UK to attend to submit biometric details as a new part of the application process. The biometric details and applications are submitted at the Visa Application centre in London by appointment only.
  • Upon receipt of the documents, Rapid Visas will contact the applicant in order to book the appointment. Rapid Visas will prepare the paperwork and legalise the employment support letters.

Important steps: Our staff member will meet the applicant at the Visa Centre to hand over the prepared paperwork required during submission including the legalised employment support letter. After the appointment our team member will then collect the collection papers issued at the centre so that we can collect the passport and visa the following day, and forward them accordingly. The visa processing takes 2 working days to be issued from the submission date at the appointment. The appointment date is dependent on availability.

Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional London based visa agency that specialises in the issuance of:

  • Saudi Arabia visitor visa

If you are intending to visit Saudi Arabia to visit family, then you will need to get a Saudi Visitor Visa. Your contact in Saudi must get an invite from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued on your behalf.

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Overview

Saudi Arabia Visitor visa is a visa type that is required by applicants wishing to visit family members, friends in KSA. The visa is stamped inside each passport individually, and allows for travel into the kingdom based on what the invitation describes. This could be a single or multiple entry. This visa type requires the passport to be submitted into the Saudi embassy in London using our visa agency.

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Application Process

Step 1The application process is simple enough. Firstly your inviter in Saudi Arabia must obtain the invitation from the MOFA. Once they have this they must email this to you.
Step 2Once you have the invitation, please email this to us to We will ensure that it is activated via the enjaz online website, not expired, and addressed to the Saudi Arabian embassy in London, and not elsewhere.
Step 3After we have verified the letter of invitation, please download our visit visa application forms in our application packs, completing the forms requirements. Please also obtain all other requirements as well as required which include 2 passport photographs, your passportSaudi visa application form. Please note that if the application is not a UK national then extra information will be required.
Additional Information
EU Nationals (exc UK):Will need to provide proof of residency in the UK in the form of a utility bill that is 3 months or less.
Non EU Nationals,including Indian, Pakistani and elsewhere: If the applicant is a non EU national, then to apply for the visitor visa to Saudi Arabia, they will need to produce proof of residency in the United Kingdom. This can be a UK residence permit, indefinite leave to remain, UK spouse visa or other official proof of UK residency issued by the Government of Great Britain.

What is the difference between a Saudi visitor visa, a Saudi Online visa and a Saudi Tourist visa?

The main difference is the timeframe, number of entries and the visa validity for KSA. The online visa for UK nationals may give a restricted time frame of a few months to a maximum of 1 year, whereas the visitor visa or family visit visa will allow for upto 2 years. However the duration is based on what the MOFA invitation that was issued states.

Saudi Arabian tourist visa is basically for applicants that don’t have an invitation or person to invite them however have premade travels plan, are ok with a visa for a shorter duration versus the family visit, and also are non EU nationals.

How to get exit reentry visa in saudi arabia

Please visit our reentry in Saudi page for more information, and our Bahrain Bridge Causeway. If you have a multiple entry visitor visa for Saudi, then you do not need to apply for another visit visa, as this has a multiple number of entries. If you have a multiple entry saudi visa, then you must ensure all your trips are inside the validity of the visa and it has not expired. However if it is a single entry visa that has been applied for then please, then you must apply for a new visit visa to KSA.

How much is the cost for a visit visa for Saudi Arabia?

The invitation from the KSA MOFA will state on it the length, number of entries. The fee can be seen from our Saudi visa fees page and also from our table as given on this webpage. Please note that you will be paying for:

  • The Saudi visitor visa fee
  • The enjazit service fee
  • The Saudi medical insurance fee
  • Document Legalisation or attestation fee.

Please see our legalisation page for more information on this.

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Requirements

Please see our checklist below which is downloadable from our application pack, however as a summary, you will need to provide:

  • The Saudi arabia Visit visa form
  • Passport Photographs
  • Invitation from the MOFA
  • Any support documentation showing proof of relationship with the inviter. Please see below

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa Requirements

If an applicant is visiting a family member in Saudi Arabia, then proof of relationship will need to be provided. These documents will need to be legalised by the FCO Foreign Commonwealth office, and then legalised by the Saudi embassy in London and upon completion of this the application can be submitted accordingly. Examples below of some of the relations and documents that might be required.

  • Wife visiting husband working in Saudi Arabia: The marriage certificate must be provided
  • Child visiting parent(s) in Saudi Arabia: Birth Certificate
  • Sibling visiting their brother or sister: Birth certificate of each applicant, showing the same parents.

For all cases, excluding other relationships in Saudi, the identity/Saudi residence visa must be provided. A copy will be sufficient.

How to apply visit visa for saudi arabia from india

Please note that if you are an Indian national in India, you will still require a MOFA invitation to apply, and use an agency submitting the general requirements above. Please see our contact details for the Saudi embassy in Delhi which will give information on whom to contact to get your process started. As an agency we only deal with applicants of all nationalities that reside in the United Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia Visit Visa Rules on Working in the Kingdom
Please note if you are intending to use the visit visa to look for employment and work in Saudi Arabia, attend interviews or carry out any paid activities, then a visit visa will state on it “not permitted to work” on the visa. The work visa for Saudi Arabia must be obtained first in your home country, and prior to this employment must be offered. Please see our Saudi visa policy rules page for more information.

Visa TypeVisa Information
Saudi Visa TypeVisitor Visa
Processing Time2 Working Days
Service Fee£130.00 + VAT
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Visa Fees3 Month Single Entry Visit Visa – £130.00
  • Saudi Government invite from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Written in Arabic)
  • Passport (with at least 6 months validity and 2 clean pages)
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Saudi Visa Application Form
  • Visa Order Form

All visa fees are subject to 20% VAT. Saudi Visa fees are exempt from VAT

Please note that we are not the embassy or an official government website, however a Saudi visa agency that acts as an agency ensuring that all “enumbers” and “ewallet” payments are made to the Saudi embassy, and full submission and processing is done on your behalf. If you wish to apply directly to the Saudi embassy, please visit there official website

If you have any questions regarding the Saudi Visitor Visa application process, please contact us via email or phone. As consultants to businesses for visas to Saudi Arabia we assist in all areas and have experience in all parts of this. Our Saudi visa consultants are on hand to assist.


For more information on the Saudi Visitor Visa application process, please email or contact us where one of our visa consultants shall assist you with your queries.

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