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Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
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99% Successful Visa Applications
Saudi Arabia Online Visa

Saudi Arabia Online Visa

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If you are intending to apply for a Saudi Visa online, our assistance service will ensure that the documents are completed accurately and appropriately so that there are also no rejections in the process as well.

Saudi Arabia Online Visa Application

The Saudi Arabia online visa, introduced in 2019 as a part of the Saudi 2030 vision to increase tourists to Saudi Arabia allows entry for travellers looking to visit Saudi Arabia for a holiday, event, visiting family or friends, or undertake religious pilgrimage to legally visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Who Qualifies for a Saudi Arabian Online Visa:

The online visa is only applicable for nationals from 49 countries only, a list of the main countries can be seen below. If you are a national from one of these countries, then you will be allowed to apply for one.

If you are not a national from the 49 countries, then if you are looking to still visit Saudi Arabia, then you can still apply for other types of visas based on the country you are residing in, and also your nationality. You can find more information about these on the Saudi Arabia tourist visa page, the Saudi Arabia business visa page or Saudi family visit visa page. These applications will be submitted via the Saudi Embassy in London.

Saudi Arabia Online Visa Application Process

If you are in the qualification category for the KSA e visa, then the process is relatively simple, please see below

Step 1: Complete the Saudi online visa application form. You can access this form via our Saudi online visa form. Total time requirement is approximately 10 – 12 minutes per applicant assuming the full information is at hand as described below.

Step 2: Please see our dedicated page on how to complete the online visa form which will guide you through the process. However in short, you will need to enter the full passport details, upload the digital photos, and enter the travel information and any contact details, along with the selection of the visa type whilst you are there.

Step 3: Make payment and receive automatic confirmation of application. This will verify that your application has been submitted to us and will be check by one of our visa consultants in London

Step 4: The application will be made to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs / MOFA, who will decide whether the visa is to be issued to the applicant. This will be administered along with the visa medical travel insurance which will cover your travel whilst there.

Step 5: The online KSA visa will then be emailed to you with medical insurance. You are advised to print this copy out and take this with you on your trip to Saudi Arabia, as it will be required at the airport upon passport check

Saudi Arabia Online Visa Requirements

Before completing the form, please ensure that you have the following information. If you do not have the relevant information, then let one of our consultants know who shall assist you accordingly.

Passport Copy: A clear digital copy will be required during your application. This must be a current passport with at least 6 months validity, and 2 clean pages inside the passport.

Travel Details: Please have your date of departure and date of arrival to hand. These can be approximate dates if your travel plans are tentative. It is generally advised to obtain your Saudi online visa first before you make any firm bookings. If you must, then it is advised to purchase tickets that are refundable.

Accommodation Details: The form will ask for your hotel stay, if you can provide this whether in Riyadh, Jeddah, Damman, Medina or elsewhere, and this will be inputted into the government database.

If you are intending to stay with a friend or family member, then you must enter their full name, their KSA mobile telephone number, their residential address including their postcode in Riyadh or elsewhere.

Digital Photo: This is one of the main areas that may lead to a visa rejection for the Saudi application. It is advised that applicants take a digital photo against a clean white background, ideally with no shadow at all from the shoulders upwards. The digital photo for the visa should ideally be jpg size, and 200px x 200px.

How can I track the status of my Saudi Online visa

It is easy to check the status of your visa and track it online either using the MOFA website, or alternately, you can also contact us and enter your name, passport number and contact details. Please note that we are a private visa agency, therefore only if you have used our online system to make your application using our easy to use form, will you be able to retrieve your tracking information and status. The visa validity will be based on what you selected whilst you made your application, nationality, and invitation if you had one.

The Main difference between a Saudi Arabian tourist visa and Saudi Arabia Online visa

The major difference is the nationality. If the applicant who wishes to travel to Saudi Arabia is not a national of the list as below, then you can still apply for a Saudi Tourist visa via the embassy in your country. Please see our page that outlines the requirements, however this will typically require proof of residence, travel itinerary and bookings, along with a confirmation letter from your employer stating your position, duration of service and the company name as well. If you are not a part of the 49 countries then you can visit our Saudi embassy directory page.

I have applied from India, Pakistan or another country – can you still check my visa status online

Unfortunately not, as these two countries are not a part of the approved 49 countries, and if you are not residing in the United Kingdom, then we will not be able to retrieve the relevant information. You are advised to contact the Saudi Arabian embassy in Delhi or Saudi Arabian embassy in Islamabad.

For more information please contact us, via email contact form or telephone.

To get started please click on one of the links below based on your nationality and we shall proceed with the online visa application process.


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