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saudi visa uk
Saudi Visa UK

Our Process to Apply for Saudi Arabia Visa

Do I qualify for a Saudi business visa?

In order to receive a business visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, you will need the following documentation:

Saudi Arabia Visa for UK citizen
Official invite from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The company you are visiting in Saudi Arabia must contact their counterparts to have an invite issued.
Please click here to see an example of the documentation. pdf
Saudi Visa
Your passport with at least 6 months validity.
2 Passport size photographs
Saudi Visa in London
Completed Saudi Arabia Business visa application form.
Click here to see how to complete this form. pdf
Employer Support Letter.
Click here to see the template. pdf

Do I qualify for a Saudi visitor visa?

In order to receive a visitor visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, you will need to know and follow the guidelines:

Residents from 49 authorised countries are eligible for online tourist evisas. If you hold residency from these countries, please click on the link here to apply using our online form service
If you are not from one of the 49 countries listed, you can still apply for a tourist visa using our service, however for this you are required to send us your passport along with some supplemental travel information.

Click here for the official list of the 49 authorised countries

Do I qualify for a Saudi work visa?

In order to receive a work visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, you will need the following documentation:

Official invite from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce of Ministry of Foreign Affairs The company you are visiting in Saudi Arabia must contact their counterparts to have an invite issued.
Please click here to see an example of the documentation. pdf
Your passport with at least 6 months validity.
2 Passport size photographs
Completed Saudi Arabia work visa application form.
Click here to see how to complete this form. pdf
Employer Support Letter.
Click here to see the template. pdf
Contract from Saudi
Electronic Power of Attorney
Educational certificates Attested
Medical Reported attested by the FCO.


Do I qualify for a Saudi Family Visit Visa?

In order to receive a family visit visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, you will need the following documentation:

Official invite from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) The family you are visiting in Saudi Arabia must contact the MOFA to have an invite issued.
Please click here to see an example of the documentation. pdf
Your passport with at least 6 months validity.
2 Passport size photographs
Completed Saudi Arabia family visa application form.



1 Download Application Pack Once you have acquired all the necessary documentation listed above, simply download our comprehensive application pack.
2 Confirm Processing Time Select your processing time requirement via our online order form to confirm your application.
3 Application Prechecking We conduct a FREE precheck of all documents to ensure there are no delays in your application.
4 Send Application Send the complete application via royal mail special delivery, courier or drop in to us in London.
5 Application Processing We receive your documentation and commence with immediate processing of the application.
6 Visa Issuance Once the visa has been issued, one of our representatives will contact and notify you straight away.
7 Return of Saudi Visa The documentation is sent out and you are provided the relevant tracking number to monitor its progress.


  • 6 months Multiple Entry or
  • 3 Months Single Entry
Each stay permitted to 30 days. Visa duration and entries based on the Saudi chamber of commerce invite
  • Saudi Embassy Application Form (found via our downloadable application pack)
  • Visa Order Form (found via our downloadable application pack)
  • 2 x passport size coloured photos - 35mm x 45mm
  • UK Employer Support Letter (Template found via downloadable application pack). Important: Please note that the letter must be the original hard copy. If your employer is based abroad, then please contact us.
  • The Letter must be attested at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London. We can provide this service for you if you are unable to visit their offices for registration. >If the employer is based abroad, then we can still apply for the visa in London, however the letter (using our template, and the invitation still made to the Saudi embassy in London) must be legalised at the Saudi embassy in that country first.
  • Saudi Government Invite (from the chamber of commerce or ministry of foreign affairs
Visa Price

Prices based on nationalities:

  • Visa prices vary based on multiple factors
  • If you are a non UK passport holder, please click here to see our visa prices page, which gives the specific prices for other EU, US, Turkish and rest of the world visa prices.

    Please note that your invite will state which type of visa will be issued. Our team can translate your invite.
Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Employer Please visit pricing page for full details on the ABCC fee and service fee.
Service Fee Services Fee based on service, nationality and visa details. Click here for detailed pricing page.
Processing Time Visa processing - 2days
ABCC Attestation – 1 day
Extra Information
  • You must ensure that you do not hold any existing Saudi visas that are current. All previous visas must have expired before making your new application.
  • Your passport must not contain a Israeli.
  • The Saudi embassy now require every applicant to purchase travel insurance via one of their approved suppliers, which is integrated into the payment solution during the creation of the enjaz. This means that we are required to pay for the insurance whilst we create your enumber before submission. Your policy number is generated separately. Please click here for more information.
  • Important Note: The Saudi Arabia embassy visa department is only open Monday - Thursday, and closed on Fridays. Therefore the processing time is exclusive of these. The Saudi embassy have also requested that all visa applicants provide their flight bookings during their visa application process. Both new rules have been issued in the same week as the Saudi government look to limit the Coronavirus outbreak.
Recent Updates:

Saudi Arabia Coronavirus Guidelines
New Saudi Arabia Business Visit Visa Introduction and Changes

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Saudi Arabia Visa Types

There are multiple Saudi Arabia visas types, including the types as mentioned above. The visa to Saudi Arabia type is based on the purpose of the visit to the Kingdom, what will be undertaken there, the Saudi visa rules set out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and other variables such as the nationality, and the invitation offered. Below is a summary of the main visa types and critical points to consider for processing:

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

In March 2020, the Saudi Arabian government offered both commercial visit visas and working visit visas. The commercial visit visa permitted soft activities to be undertaken and the working visit permitted work involving any manual tasks. In March 2020, the Saudi Arabian government removed the working visit visa, and changed the commercial visit visa to a “Business Visit Visa”. This visa type only specifically allows for directors, managers, soft based activities to undertake business meetings and work. Work of a manual nature is no longer permitted, and the working visit eliminated. Please visit our Saudi business visa guide page for more information.

The main step in the Saudi visa application process is to have your inviting sponsor company in Saudi Arabia contact the Saudi Chamber of Commerce who then use their company registration number to obtain a letter of invitation. The invitation will contain the name of the applicant, their job title, name of the UK company. If your employer is based abroad and not a UK registered company, then the letter must first be legalised by the Saudi embassy in that country and then sent to us with the rest of the application for processing via the KSA embassy in London. This will also contain an invitation number on it as well and be stated in Arabic (our team can do a translation of this, please email this to us first). Once we have this invite we can proceed accordingly to assist with the preparation of other documentation.

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

This is the main type of visa issued for visitors looking to travel for visiting family members. This again requires a letter of invitation from the ministry of foreign affairs in Riyadh or Jeddah. It is the responsibility of the person you are visiting to obtain this invitation and email it to you accordingly. Please visit our invitation page for more information on what this looks like and how to obtain one as well.

The main difference between the Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa and the Saudi online visa otherwise known as the Saudi Arabian tourist visa for UK, EU and other authorised nationals from approved countries is the duration and number of entries. This visa type permits a longer duration and stay compared with the online evisa. Also this visa is common for nationals that reside in the United Kingdom but not applicable to nationals from non authorised countries in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The Saudi Embassy in Delhi, the Saudi embassy in Islamabad or Saudi embassy in Dhaka would need to be contacted accordingly.

Saudi Arabia Online Visa

We offer an online form to allow quick completion of the visa form for all nationals. The process to complete the Saudi online visa form takes less than 20 minutes and the visa is generally issued in less than 48 hours where you simply complete the information into our database and upload a picture of your passport and digital photo. With our company registration, we will then go ahead and obtain the online visit visa to saudi for you. There are 49 approved countries, with the main countries shown in the footer of this webpage, or you can visit our list of approved countries page.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

For applicants that are not apart of the 49 authorised countries permitted to apply for an online visa and also cannot get a family member to obtain an invitation from the MOFA, but are a residence of the UK (with the relevant permit to allow residence in the United Kingdom) then we can apply for a Saudi Arabia tourist visa from the Saudi embassy in London on your behalf. The requirements are a little more complicated than that of a family visit visa, however with the right documentation, we can obtain this for you. Please visit our relevant page to get started.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa

For those who have been offered a job in Saudi Arabia, the process of applying for an employment work visa requires significantly more documentation and each applicant should expect approximately 4 - 6 weeks to complete all the necessary steps. This is assuming that there are no delays in any of the steps, and all requirements are in hand. The most important points to consider for Saudi Arabia work visas are:

You must have a full employment contract from the company in Saudi Arabia, along with a visa block number which gives the allocation and official registration from the relevant ministries in Saudi to grant you permission to be granted employment in Saudi Arabia. This is typically for the MLSD (Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development). The visa block number will contain information about the company you are going to work for (including their company registration and sponsorship ID), and most importantly the job title which you are to undertake and to be reflected on the respect of the paperwork.

Once you have this, the next step is for any educational certificates to be legalised by the embassy, however prior to this, they will need to be authenticated by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Chiswick first. This process involves the SACB communicating with either your degree, institution or professional body to verify the legitimacy of the document.

This is the most time dependent step in the entire process of applying for a Saudi Arabia work visa. The fastest turnaround time we have seen has been 2 weeks. You can do this online via their website, or alternatively if we are your acting Saudi Visa Agent, then we can also undertake this process for you as well.

Along with this you will also need to undertake a Saudi visa medical examination at an approved provider, which we can set up with us in London, or independently elsewhere. Most of the approved clinics are in London, but can also be located elsewhere around the country.

Saudi Arabia Embassy Document Legalisation

Saudi Arabia is not apart of the Hague Convention of countries, thus for documents to be used for Saudi Arabia visa applications (eg to confirm relationships in way of marriage certificates or birth certificates), document authenticity (such as educational certificates for work visas), or for documents to be legalised for use in Saudi Arabia (for example patents, contracts, identity documents, company accounts, decree absolute, HMRC documents, export documents etc) the Saudi embassy will need to ratify it. Please see our Saudi legalisation page which describes the full process.

Prior to this, each document will need to have an FCO Apostille. If the document is an education certificate for a degree, from a professional body then this will need to be legalised by the Saudi Arabian cultural bureau first. Please note that we offer a full Saudi document legalisation service where we will Apostille the document at the FCI and legalise from the KSA embassy. This would take approximately 2 working days.

For SABC verifications, this would need to be undertaken online and the timeframe would be based on the communication of the SABC and the parties they are contacting.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy in London Information

If you are trying to contact the KSA embassy in London for information about any of their services, please see our contact details as per our worldwide embassy and consulate directory. This includes links to the Saudi Embassy in Pakistan, Delhi, along with the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Houston, Los Angeles and New York in the US, and the Saudi embassy in Ankara, Turkey. If you wish to contact the Embassy regarding a KSA Visa application then you can also email or contact our team of visa consultants who will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our Saudi Visa Agency

Please note that we are a private London based Saudi Arabia visa agency, accredited by the embassy of Saudi Arabia to process visas for UK based businesses looking to apply for a visa for KSA. Please note however the official invitation from the chamber of commerce or ministry of foregin affairs needs to be obtained from your Saudi sponsor.

Religious Pilgrimage Information for Hajj and Umrah Visa

For travellers looking to undertake Hajj and Umrah, the visa processes vary from the normal business and family visit visas. Some may be able to undertake this via the online e visa route or Saudi Arabia Tourist visa route. The dates for Hajj and Umrah can be found via our Umrah Travel page. It is advised that safe travel to Mecca and Medina be considered, keeping in mind recent Coronavirus challenges.

Iqama Residence Permit Information

An Iqama is the official residence permit that is issued to foreign nationals and expats residing in Saudi Arabia on the back of their work visa. They will need to apply for this upon arrival into Riyadh or Jeddah. The application is generally undertaken on the enjazit website, and it can be found here where the Iqama status can be checked online.

Frequently Asked Questions icon

Q. Do I need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Most travellers must hold a Saudi Arabia visa in order to enter the country. You will not be granted entry without a valid visa. For the UK and EU countries a visa is mandatory for entry.

Q. How long is a Saudi visa valid for?

The visa validity (duration) will be stated on the letter of Invitation which is generated by the Saudi Arabian ministry of foreign affairs. The normal durations for business and visitor visas are 30, 90 and 180 days.

Q. How long does it take to get a visa to Saudi Arabia?

The embassy and Saudi visa processing agencies can generally issue a visa within 2 to 3 working days as an average rule. For business visas, an additional day is required for the attestation of your employer support. For family visit visas and governmental visas, the normal processing time is 2 working days.

Q. If I do not live in the UK, am I still able to get my visa using your company?

Yes you can. Provided that your invite is addressed to the Saudi embassy in London (something we can check), then we can certainly obtain the visa for you. If you are not residing in the UK, then you can still complete the information and use an international courier service to send it to us in London. When complete we will use international courier (1 to 2 days) to send it back. We receive applications for British and EU passport holders from all over the world including the USA, Singapore, Middle east countries, all EU countries, Asia and Africa.

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