Visa Processing Since 2007
Visa Processing Since 2007
Accredited Saudi Visa Agents
Accredited Saudi Visa Agents
Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
Over 50,000 Saudi Visas Processed
99% Successful Visa Applications
99% Successful Visa Applications
About Us – Saudi Arabia Visa Agency in London

About Us – Saudi Arabia Visa Agency in London

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Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional London based visa agency that specialises in the issuance of a variety of visa types for all nationalities, assisting businesses and individuals alike. With over 13 years experience as a visa provider and having successfully processed tens of thousands of Saudi Arabia visas, we have proven ourselves as London’s finest visa agency that specialises in KSA visa applications. Please see further information about us and our experience.

Our Team

The average duration that each visa consultants has been with us is 5 years, meaning that they have each dealt with thousands of visa applications, seen and dealt with most potential reasons for Saudi visa rejection, the most common areas where there are hurdles and able to advise on completion of the paperwork. Every team member has a firm knowledge of the Saudi Arabian visa policy and rules and laws and how the consular visa section operates to ensure that they are satisfied with the documents and adherence to the requirements setup. We aim to contact to respond to emails within the hour, and precheck all documents to make sure every detail has been checked.

Our Partners

Vishal Mavadia

Director & Saudi Arabia Visa Specialist

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Lee Davis

Lead Operations Coordinator

Abdul Shafaq

Saudi Embassy Liaison Offer

Successful Applications

Given the fluidity and robustness of our processes and systems, combined with the experience of our team within our operation, we have a 99% first time success rate of visas submitted to the embassy with the visa issued within 2 working days. We provide fast track services for obtaining the relevant travel visa in the quickest turnaround services.

Saudi Arabian Embassy in London

Please note that we are not the Saudi Arabian embassy in London, however a registered private Saudi Arabia visa agency established in 2007. We are responsible for checking of invitations, overviewing applications, undertaking checks at our office, submission of passports at the embassy, collection of visas from the embassy and other administrative duties related to the visa application form for Saudi Arabia including legalisation of documents and getting an apostille on the document from the FCO, having documents authenticated via the Saudi Arabia cultural bureau, and having employer support lettersattested from the Arab British Chamber of commerce.

Our office: Please see our contact us page where you can get information about how to find our central London office. You can book appointments to visit us, or organise an office precheck.

Saudi Arabia Visa Services

We provide assistance for all types of applications, the main types are listed as below with a link to the relevant page:

  • Saudi Arabia Business visas
  • Saudi Arabia Visitor visas
  • Saudi Arabia Work Visas
  • Saudi Arabia Residence Visas
  • Saudi Arabia Online Visas
  • Saudi Arabia Tourist Visas

Please visit our respective pages where you will get the application forms, a list of the full requirements, processes and information. Please note that if you are trying to contact the KSA Embassy in London, we have a directory of all Saudi Arabian embassies and consulates located worldwide.

Reasons to use our Saudi visa service

  • Expert advice on the entire process
  • Comprehensive and most up to date documentation and guidelines as per the Saudi Arabian embassy in London
  • Free pre check service to ensure all your paperwork is completed accurately to avoid delays or rejections
  • The fastest and most expedited visa service around
  • The highest level of trust as we deal with thousands of visa applications every year for every possible scenario imaginable
  • Our visa services have assisted business and individuals of all sizes obtain their Saudi visa
  • We have processed visas for nearly 70% of the Fortune 500 companies

With successful visa applications from companies around the world catering to every possible nationality we have developed the highest level of trust with companies using us to obtain their visa for a Saudi visa every time.

With contacts in Riyadh, Jeddah and Daman, and detailed information on the invite issuance from the Saudi ministry of chamber of commerce and Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our processes have the highest success rate of visa issuance in the fastest time frame.

Have a question?

Contact one of our experienced and friendly team members by phoning us on 0207 096 1985

On further details regarding how a company can obtain an invite from the Saudi chamber of commerce, please contact one of our team members. Please also note that you will need your UK company to provide you with a supporting employment support letter also which will need to be attested by the Arab British Chamber Of commerce, which we can do for you or you can click here.

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