Important Entry Requirements for Your Saudi Visa Application

Every visitor, that includes Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, desirous of gaining entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, principally requires a Saudi Visa. Thus, you are commonly obliged to apply for a mandatory Saudi visa through services offered by agencies duly accredited by the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nearest your place of residence.

Moreover, it is must be clearly noted, that particularly during Hajj season, every foreign Muslim pilgrim intending travelling either to Medina or Jeddah airport is required to be in possession of a valid Saudi visa for Hajj. All non-Muslim visitors, who intend visiting these destinations, could be demanded to furnish proven valid reasons for such a journey or to display written proof of appointments, if any, prior to being permitted to board a Jeddah bound flight, since such no-Muslim visitors are justifiably not expected to have an intention of performing Hajj or Umrah. Foreign Muslim pilgrims, who arrives either at the Medina or Jeddah airport, without having obtained a prior valid Saudi visa for Hajj, will also be denied the right to enter these cities. This particular requirement is however not applicable to other airports in Saudi Arabia, or to holders of British citizenship, who may otherwise be residents of the Kingdom.

British residents of the Kingdom should nevertheless be fully aware of the fact that they would still need to possess a valid permit for exit/re-entry, issued by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, prior to departing the Kingdom.

Entry Requirements: Proof of No Previous Visit to Israel

On many past occasions, application for a Saudi visa has been turned down when the passport of an intending traveler indicated proof of having previously visited Israel or the applicant’s place of birth is given as some city, town or village in Israel. Thus, one requirement of the Saudi visa entails proof of not having travelled to Israel, on any previous occasion.

All intending travelers to Saudi Arabia are required to hold valid passports for entering into the Kingdom. This requirement entails that your passport must remain valid for a time period that is not less than six months, commencing from your date of having obtained the Saudi visa.

Entry Requirements: Passport and Saudi Visa

Nationals of Australia, Great Britain, Canada, USA and other EU countries, are all required to have valid passports, with minimum 6-month validity from date of visa issuance; valid return tickets; and a valid Saudi visa.

Travelers who fail to satisfactorily comply with prevailing Saudi conventions related to behavior and dressing, including ones who may turn up apparently in an intoxicated state, or those tending to display improper affection has more than probable chance of being refused permission to enter the Kingdom.

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