Exports laws for goods in and out of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Government rules encourage national exports all the time, thus there are few export laws that restrict movement of goods outside the country. Imports are also allowed but there is a strict control of what enters the Saudi Arabian soil.

First to note is that one needs to have their Saudi Arabia visa ready and also the necessary documents that state what goods are to be imported to the country. The Saudi Arabian Government calls for labeling of all products being exported or imported in the country. All export and import documentations are also supposed to be submitted to the Saudi embassies for verification. For example if you want to import from London, you will first have to seek approval from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London officials before you can ship the products.

There are certain products that aren’t allowed on Saudi Arabian soil which one must take note off. Most online websites having information on Saudi Arabian immigration policies have the products listed. Narcotics are highly prohibited in Saudi soil so are alcoholic beverages, pork products and phonographic content, Religious books and materials that have nothing to do with Islam are also banned alongside any Israeli currency. Also counterfeit products are not allowed in the Kingdom.

Besides the listed, any other goods and products are free to move but under strict scrutiny by the Saudi immigration authorities. There is a laid down restriction on foreign currency into the country; all currencies (provided not Israeli) are allowed to a restricted amount/value, so are precious metals, cheques, bonds and any other payment methods.

Weapons, explosives and any sharp object categorized as potential weapons are restricted into the country and one must seek approval from the ministry of interior. To carry your Pet to Saudi Arabia, you must have an original documentation that shows the health status of the pet together with vaccination certificates from the Saudi Embassy London. All kinds of medication are also restricted into the country unless they are properly documented, come in their original package and one has a doctor’s prescription. The drugs are also subject to scrutiny by Ministry of Health officials.

Electronic equipment either for personal or commercial use also must go through security check to determine their potential of being a threat. There is a duty charge levied on any electronic item imported into the country; and can be refunded if the electronics are brought in or out within a three month window period.

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