The Culture of Saudi Arabia

One thing you would note about the Saudi Arabian culture is the strong influence of Islam in it. And even with a strong religious background, the Saudi culture is one breathtaking one and sure brings about nostalgic moments.

For most folks with a gruesome Monday to Friday work schedule, perhaps Saudi Arabia is the sweet escape to have a free three day weekend from Thursday to Saturday. This holiday rule is Islam inspired, and it’s one of the unique cultural practices around the world alongside many other spectacular activities that add to the cultural chain.

The Dressing

Arab dressing is a sight to behold especially with the full milky white shirt for men that reach to the ankle.  In true Arabic it is known as the Thawb, which strictly adheres to the hijab rule of being modest all times, especially in the way you dress. The milky white Thawb is given a thoughtful contrast with a checkered square headgear held together by a black cord coil. Alternatively, the square headgear may don a pure white color and the black cord coil to offer the contract to the full white attire.

The Thawb is considered ideal not only as appropriate Islamic wear but also ideal for the hot Saudi weather. In the chilly seasons the men wear a thick camel cloak on top known as bisht to keep away the frost. The beauty of Saudi Arabian dressing can be witnessed on women wear.

Only a Saudi Arabia Visa will get you to this great Arab nation where the female hijab is sprinkled with beautiful motifs, sequins, threads of metal and lovely appliqués. When in public, a garment known as abaya is what you will see most women don.

Saudi Delicacies

A travel to Saudi Arabia is the surest way to experience the burst of mouthwatering delicacies straight from the Arabian kitchens. Before going or your Saudi Visa it is first good to note that pork is strictly forbidden in all Saudi Arabian states; Medina, Jeddah, Mecca, Riyadh and the rest. But in place of that is an amazing serving of grilled chicken with Falafel, chickpea balls deep fried to an amazing taste. Saudi Arabia is also a haven for the local favorite Shawarma, which is a slice of lamb, turkey, veal or beef meat prepared Laventine style and placed on a spit. The Shawarma is common in most restaurants today but one can only meet the real taste of it once you complete your application form for a visa to the great Nation of Saudi Arabia.

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