The states that make up Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is recognized as a kingdom, just like UK, and is organized into different towns and cities that make up the states. The Saudi Kingdom contains several major cities in different provinces. However there are those principles cities which are the mainstreams of the larger Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is one of the mainstream Saudi cities, also the capital of the Kingdom. Besides being the main capital, Riyadh city is also the capital of Riyadh province and it houses over 5.2million people in its 15 municipalities. The city gets its name from the Arabic word ‘Garden’ which resonates with the beautiful mega structures, like the Burj Al Faisaliyah and the TV Tower, constructed within the city. This Saudi Capital is also home to the largest all female university in the world, Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman.

Jeddah city takes second place in being the largest and houses over 3.4million people within the province of Makkah. Jeddah takes home the prize for being a highly technologically advanced city; currently Saudi Arabia is making great investments in this town in the file of science and engineering. Jeddah has also been known in history as the city that houses the known tycoons of the Middle East; Bajammal, Bakhashwain, Ba-eshen, Ali-Reda, Abdulfatah, Kamel and Balubaid among others.

70km from the sea port of Jeddah is the famous city of Mecca; known for the famous pilgrimage made by Muslims all over the world to seek themselves righteously. Being the capital of Makkah province, Mecca has a lot of interesting stories revolving around it. The great Muslim prophet Muhammad is said to have his roots in this city, where coincidentally the Quran revelation was also made. Due to this Mecca is known as the holiest city in the world among Muslims. Since its absorption into Saudi Arabia, Mecca has witnessed a number of technological and infrastructural advancements which have also seen it lose a number of ancient building and archaeological sites. It is also the only city in the world where non-Muslims are not allowed to enter.

These are just three of the major cities that make up the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with several others being on the list to make a total of twenty. Median is another of the great cities which is the second holiest city after Mecca and is valued as the official burial place of the prophet Muhammad.

More information on the other Saudi Arabian cities can be found online; they include Al-Kharj, Ha’il, Jubail, Ta’if, Khobar, Buraidah, Hafar Al-Batin, Yanbu, Al Qunfudhah and Yanbu.

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