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The processing of Saudi Arabia Visa via the embassy in London has restarted and we are able to provide visa processing for Business and Commercial visas for UK nationals and applicants living in the UK and document legalisations for KSA. We are running a limited service thereforewe are requesting for all enquiries to be sent to us via email to instead of calling, where a visa consultant shall be able to quickly review your request. Our phone lines are currently not available. Please note that for other Saudi Government or Embassy queries, please contact the Saudi Embassy in London on 0207 917 3000. For Online Saudi Visa queries please contact +966920000890 or go to
Saudi Visa UK

How to get Invitation from the Chamber of Commerce

Q. Do I need an Invitation from Saudi Arabia to get a visa?

All travellers to Saudi Arabia will require a Letter of Invitation originating from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia. This document is written both in Arabic and English and contains important information such as your invitation number, visa type and visa validity.

Q. What is the difference between an Invitation letter from the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Chamber of Commerce invites are mainly for business visas, and is otherwise known as a request for a visa. A letter of Invitation from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, normally used for family visit visas or governmental visas act as a pre-approved visa and instruction to the embassy for the visa to be issued. The chances of rejection on a MOFA invite are remote.

Q. Do I need the original Letter of Invitation sent to me by my sponsors to apply for a Saudi Arabia visa?

A forwarded copy of the invitation via email will suffice. All letters of invitation are retrievable from the Embassy´s website and will be cross checked.

Q. My letter of invitation for a visa to Saudi Arabia grants me multiple entries but I want to get single only. Is that possible?

The Embassy will issue you with a visa as per your letter of Invitation and grant you the type of entry mentioned. If you require a different type of visa, or with different criteria then a new letter of invitation must be obtained by your counterparts in Saudi Arabia.

Q. My letter of invitation for Saudi Arabia grants me single entry but I want to get multiple entries. Is that possible?

The Embassy will act as per your Letter of Invitation and grant you the type of entry mentioned. If you require something more entries, then you must obtain a new Letter of invitation with the required criteria.

Q. What is my invitation / visa number for my Saudi visa?

This number is mentioned on your Letter of Invitation. This number must also be stated on your Employer support letter in case of a business visa. You can forward your Letter of invitation to us via email to translate and advise you on the number.

Q. My name on the Letter of invitation is misspelled. Will this cause an issue?

It will depend on how severe the mistake is. If it is on your first name and minor then it should be ok. It would be for the best to consult an agent to clarify. It could be possible that a new Letter of invitation might be needed.

Q. Does my company need to be registered with the Arab British Chamber of Commerce?

No, it just needs to be registered with Companies House. We will be attesting your employer support letter with the Arab British Chamber of Commerce who will cross check the registration number with Companies House database.

Q. If I have been invited by a Saudi company can I meet other clients in Saudi Arabia on the same visa?

Once you have been granted entry, you can travel freely in the country within your visa´s validity. Do note that religious pilgrimage cannot be performed unless you have a relevant visa issued to visit the holy cities.

Q. For obtaining family visit visas to Saudi Arabia what could act as proof of relationship between inviter and invitee?

You must provide a certificate (marriage, birth, adoption etc.) to prove the family relationship between the inviter and the invitee. The Embassy requires an official certificate (it could be non UK) stating the names and relationship of the inviter and invitee. The certificate must be in Arabic or English.


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