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How to Get Saudi Arabia Visa – FAQs

How to Get Saudi Arabia Visa – FAQs

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Q. Can I get a visa on arrival for Saudi Arabia?

For UK nationals, there is no visa on arrival issued for entry into Saudi Arabia. A visa must be obtained from the Embassy in London and stamped within your passport.

Q. What is the maximum consecutive days I can stay in Saudi Arabia?

On most business visas, a visitor can stay for 30 consecutive days and for family visit visas it is 90 days. There are always exceptions but your Letter of Invitation would state the exact number of days.

Q. Do I need to provide my original passport when applying for a Saudi Arabia visa?

Yes, your original passport will be needed as the visa will be stamped within it. The Saudi visa inside your passport will be presented to immigration officials upon entry.

Q. Can I provide a photocopy of my passport when applying for my Saudi Arabia visa?

A photocopy of the passport will not suffice as the Saudi visas are stamped inside a clean page of your passport which is presented to the immigration officials upon entry.

Q. Can I obtain a Saudi Arabian visa from the UK If do not hold a UK passport?

If you can prove that you are a UK resident and you work for a UK company, you can obtain a visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy in London.

Q. Do I need to attend an appointment at the Embassy?

You can apply by using an agency or alternatively you can apply on your behalf. Your physical presence will not be needed nor an authorisation form allowing us to act on your behalf.

Q. Can I get a tourist Visa to Saudi Arabia?

There are tourist visas for Saudi Arabia, however applicants can apply for personal visit visa for which you will require a Letter of invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Q. What is the fastest turnaround I can get my visa in?

You can obtain your visa as fast as 3 working days using one of our express services. We generally advise you to email us before sending the items to us with a scan of all your information. This will allow us to pre-check the information so that we can submit directly to the embassy without any issue.

Q. Am I required to have an invite from Saudi Arabia?

All visitors are required to have an invite from Saudi. This is the responsibility of the company in Saudi to obtain, therefore a request must be made to them to obtain this. If it is a general business trip, then a Saudi chamber of commerce invite must be obtained. If the application is for a work visa, visitor visa, or an applicant is female, then an invite from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be obtained. Please note the Saudi MOFA invites can take several days to obtain from Saudi as opposed to a 24-36 hour possible turnaround for the chamber of commerce invite.

Q. What is my permitted stay in Saudi Arabia when I have my visa obtained?

For British and EU passport holders, there are two main types of visas that can be obtained. These include a 6 month multiple entry visa and a 3 month single entry visa. Please note that whatever the number of entries, no stay can be longer than 30 days. The Arabic Saudi invite states the type of visa (6 month multi or 3 month single) and this will be issued. If you already have the invite with you and are not sure the number of entries, then you can email this to us and we can provide an Arabic translation and shall then inform you of the number of entries.

Q. What do I state under Sect on the application form?

Only to be completed by Muslim applicants. If non-Muslim, please leave blank.

Q. Do I have to state my religion on the application form?

Yes. If you do not wish to disclose further information on your religion, non-Muslim would suffice. If you have converted to Islam, and not born Muslim, you might be asked to provide a conversion certificate.

Q. Can an under aged child get a family visit visa and travel to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, but a letter of parental consent signed by a solicitor must be provided. The letter must be signed by both parents and the solicitor.

Q. What type of visa Saudi visa should I apply for?

Your letter of Invitation states the visa type you are to apply for. The Embassy will act as per your Letter of invitation and grant you that type of visa. The visa type must comply with your job title and reason of travel. However the main types of visas are business visas, family visit visas and government visas. If you are intending to work is Saudi, then you must obtain a government employment visa.

Q. Are flight bookings necessary for my Saudi visa application?

No, the Embassy strongly advises not to book flights before obtaining the visa. If you do need to book flights, given that there is always a minor chance of rejection we always advise to at least book flexible flights.

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