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saudi visa uk
Saudi Visa UK

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Form

If you are applying for a Saudi Arabia visa, your application pack will contain the government Saudi Arabia visa application form. Data from this will be used to enter into the enjazit database. Guidance on the most commonly asked questions are given below. Please kindly review this if you are in the process of completing your Saudi visa application.

You can download the application pack and download the PDF form from our forms page.

How to complete the Saudi Arabia visa application form?

Please see a screenshot of the main parts of the Saudi visa form, along with important instructions

Full name should include any middle names

Visa Form

Family name: Surname as per the passport. If a double barrel surname, please ensure the last name reflects any hyphens that exist in the passport.

Date of birth / Previous nationality / present nationality

Visa Application Form

Important: If the “present nationality” does not reflect the “place of birth” country, then please ensure previous nationality is completed. In the event that “previous nationality” is left blank despite there being no obvious link, this may cause delays.

For example, if the place of birth was Toronto, the present nationality is British and previous nationality is left blank, then the embassy may query if there was a previous nationality and assume another nationality will be held. This is because the Saudi Arabian embassy requires applicants to apply on the passport of the country that they were born in.If the applicant gave up their previous nationality, or were just born in a country but did not take nationality, please state NA, or “no previous nationality”.


Visa Application Form

Please ensure that the job title/profession is the same as that on the invitation and employer support letter. All 3 documents must have the same job title listed on it.

Note also the visa rules for the professions authorised for the business visit visa.

Marital Status:

Visa Application Form

This can be stated as either married or unmarried. This information has no bearing on the outcome of your visa application for Saudi Arabia. If the applicant is divorced, widowed, then putting unmarried is sufficiently ok.

Visa Application Form

Sect: This is for Muslim applicants only, with the options Sunni or Shia

Mothers Name: The surname here would be her married surname, maiden name not required.

This can be stated as Muslim or Non Muslim, stating the exact religion eg Catholic, Jewish, Hindu is not a requirement.

Permanent Address
This is the main residential address and mobile number of the Saudi Arabia visa applicant

Visa Application Form

In the event that the applicant is visiting more than one company, there is no need to give the address of each company. The address of the company that is reflected in the invitation is sufficient enough.

Visa Application Form

Place of Issue

Visa Application Form

This will be inside the passport, often under as issuing authority. For UK nationals, this is commonly written as IPS, or HMPO.

Duration of stay in Saudi Arabia

Visa Application Form

Please note that if the trip is longer than the duration stated (eg it states 30 days but the visit there needs to be for 32 days then you may need to obtain a new visa that allows a longer stay in Saudi Arabia, or obtain a multiple entry visa which would allow exit and reentry into the Kingdom. Visas with durations of 30, 60 or 90 days exist.

Important: This Section Must Be Completed Fully

Please Do Not Forget This Section

This section is at the bottom of the page, and needs to be completed accurately.

Visa Application

Tips on the most common parts:

    ● Point of entry into Saudi Arabia: This would be most likely Riyadh or Jeddah, if crossing the causeway bridge from Bahrain and heading into Damman, please kindly write Damman.

    ● UK Project Manager: This can be the person signing your employer support letter, or another senior figure in your company.

    ● Travel Agent Name & Postcode: This can state the airline you have selected to fly with to Saudi Arabia.

    ● Proposed Departure: As the Saudi visa policy rules state not travel bookings are to be made until you have the visa, you are advised to put an approximate date. Ideally a date that correlates to that put on the employer support letter.

The above guidance is for those applying for the business visa. Please note that there is also guidance given on the other visa types, please see below:

Saudi Arabia family visit visa application form:
Please see our forms page which gives the relevant information for this. This will require the passport, travel details and any supporting information for the application,

Saudi Arabia online visa application form:
This is for leisure and event visas, which can be completed online. Please see our page that reflects this. Please note for this you will need to have the passport, travel details and two digital photos available.

If you have any questions about the visa application form that has not been answered from the above guidance, please email, call our team or our via contact us page where we will aim to assist you with other areas of clarifications. Please see our employer support letter completion guide which will prove useful

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Q. Can I sign my one Employer support letter?

The Employer support letter must have original signatures only and can only signed by the applicant if they hold a managerial or Directorial position within the company. If not, then a senior colleague can sign the employ support letter.

Q. Will the Embassy accept an Employer support letter from a non UK company?

No, employers based abroad will lead to a rejection. The applicant must provide an employer support letter from a UK company registered with Companies House and the company name must match the information stated on the Letter of Invitation.

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