Entry Requirements – Female Travelers

Female visitors, as well as foreign residents holding a Saudi Arabia visa, are under prevailing laws, required to mandatorily have their respective sponsors meet all such visitors on arrival at a Saudi point of entry into the Kingdom. Unaccompanied female travelers, with or without a Saudi Arabia visa, who fail to be met by their respective sponsors have on several occasions had to experienced long delays prior to being allowed entry into the Kingdom or alternately continue their onward journeys to other destinations outside the Kingdom.

Foreign women, who are married wives of Saudi nationals, are required to obtain their husbands’ prior permission, both for themselves as well as their children, before departing the Kingdom.

Single parents, including adults who may be in passion of a Saudi Arabia visa and intend travelling with young children ought to acknowledge the fact that several countries demand documentary proof of parenthood prior to allowing single parents entry into their respective countries, or in other case, prior to granting permission for such children to depart the country.

Citizens of the United Kingdom holding residency and/or work permits are also required to apply for and await approval of a prior Saudi Arabia visa before exiting the Kingdom. If departing the Kingdom on a permanent basis, with no intend of re-entry into the Kingdom, exit permits are still required to be granted by the Saudi Ministry of Interior. However, if temporarily departing, with the purpose of re-entering the Kingdom, a corresponding exit/re-entry permit will essentially be needed to request for. Due approval of the sponsor is required in either case, as well as for the conclusive exit permit, should that be the case.

A conclusive exit permit is usually valid for up to 10 days, from its issue date. Failure to utilize an exit permit duly issued by the concern authority may result in fines up to SR: 10,000, as well as probable incarceration of the individual, pending eventual deportation proceedings at an ultimate future date.

Foreign visitors travelling to the Kingdom on single-entry Saudi Arabia visa are exempt from the need to comply with the mandatory exit permit requirement.

Foreign female travelers, as well as children who are under-aged, are officially required to be escorted by a close male relative/family member, or Moharram, unless it is with prior approval of the authority concerned. Single women must necessarily be met at respective Saudi airports by their husbands or sponsors, and must also be in possession of confirmed, non-refundable onward reservations to their ultimate destinations within the Kingdom. If they are to be received by their sponsors, point worth noting is that strict restrictions apply on females who travel by cars with male companions, not related either by marriage or blood.

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