The different types of Saudi visa’s

The different types of Saudi Visas

If you are not adequately familiar with overall requirements, your own specific needs and other special information concerning the process of application for a Saudi visa, matters can quickly evolve into a state where things begin to get somewhat more complicated. This is a stage when any and all information related to the matter can be extremely helpful.

Depending on how good or helpful your Saudi contacts really are, as well as the purpose and duration of your visit to the Kingdom, it is absolutely essential to submit an application for the type of visa that is appropriate for you. List of Saudi visas commonly available for foreigners who intend to visit the country should help determine what your own requirement ought to be.

Saudi Working Visitor Visa

Saudi working visitor visa allows you to engage in work that is anticipated to conclude within a maximum period of 180 days, commencing from date of your entry into Saudi Arabia. To obtain this visa type, it is necessary to obtain an invitation from the Saudi Foreign Affairs Ministry. The visa normally serves optimally for those engaged in the occupation of workers in oil industry or airline pilots.

Saudi Business Visa

Saudi business visa allows short term trips to the Kingdom for attending business meetings and training events, or for holding discussions. You have the option of obtaining either a single entry 3 month visa or the multiple entry 6 month alternate. Each visit allows you to a stay of maximum 30 consecutive days in the Kingdom. It is upon the discretion of Saudi visa regime to determine whether your circumstances allow you to obtain a multiple or simply a single entry Saudi visa.

Saudi Work Visa

Saudi work visa gives you the distinct advantage of uninterrupted full time work and permission to reside in Saudi Arabia; obviously limited to the specified duration of your visa. However, to avail this visa type, it is necessary to produce employment contract signed between you and an employer or company based in any part of Saudi Arabia, invitation extend to you, your current medical report and duly attested certificate/s related to your qualifications and experience.

Saudi Visitor Visa

Saudi Visitor Visa is issued to those individuals who intend to visit friends or relatives residing within Saudi Arabia. Issuance of this visa category is normally a relatively straightforward affair as all you need is an invitation from your local contact in the Kingdom.

These are some of the main Saudi visa categories that visitors to the Kingdom commonly seek to apply for under normal circumstances. If you have any further queries and need some additional information, it would be best for you to contact the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London.

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