How to Set up Business in Saudi Arabia

 A valid Saudi business visa is required for entry into the country of Saudi Arabia.  The cities of Riyadh and Jeddah are frequent destinations for professionals in the engineering and oil industries, along with professional workers in the country’s financial and healthcare sectors.  Completing the correct information for entry and continued to employ in Saudi Arabia are important business requirements that need to be finished successfully before you begin your work or vacation within this region.

How to Successfully Apply for a Saudi Business Visa

Your Saudi Arabia business visa is one of the important documents that you will need to take with you at all times, when you are traveling  within the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabia.  Completing an application for this critical document includes the following steps:

  • British, EU and US nationals will find that a standard Saudi business visa application is adequate for their entry and travel within the country of Saudi Arabia.
  • An application can be found on the Saudi Arabia government website.  An application for entry into this country can be picked up at any embassy location within your own country.
  • The application needs to be filled out completely in capital letters, since your printing will need to be as legible as possible.  Your Saudi visa application will be processed quicker if there are no errors and if your application is clearly readable.
  • You will need to use your exact name that is listed on your own passport.
  • The expiration date of your passport will need to be included on your visa application.  Be sure to check your passport’s expiration date, and renew your passport ahead of time, if you are required to do so.
  • The date and place, where your passport was issued, need to be listed on your visa information.
  • An online processing payment can be used in some instances.  Other embassy locations or passport offices request that you pay for your new visa with a money order.
  • A prepaid return envelope should be included with your visa application and money order, since you are responsible for any return postage fees.

Important Information to Know About Doing Business in Saudi Arabia

Each country that you enter has its own judicial process that you need to follow.  Even though you may be well intentioned, your out-of-step behaviors in a foreign country will be duly noted.  Some transgressions are minor and will only be admonished by those in charge of where you are staying or where you are working.  Other behavioral transgressions are not overlooked as readily, and you may find yourself in a situation over your head.  Be sure to travel with someone, if you are in a foreign country.  This gesture of civility is, also, seen as polite and an attempt to follow their customs and rules.

You may need to understand how certain business transactions are completed within this foreign jurisdiction. If you are uncertain about how to do something, be sure to ask.  You should always pick up printed materials about local business and social customs.

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