Safety and Security information when travelling to Saudi Arabia

Though this may commonly be treated as a general international phenomenon today; those living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a Saudi visa are extensively considered as being in constant confrontation with a potential threat of terrorism. It would be insensible as well as exceptionally risky to entirely rule out random terrorist attacks of an unpredictable nature. Such unprovoked attacks could either be totally indiscriminate or have a serious chance of being specifically targeted towards Westerners, who hold a Saudi visa, or prey on crowded vicinities that are often frequented by expatriates, in addition to a lot of other foreign travelers to the Kingdom. It is therefore highly advisable to take every possible measure to ensure that your safety and wellbeing are adequately protected at all times. It would further be most prudent to always ensure that you are absolutely confident about each individual security arrangement that you have made for your own personal security.

Regardless of how convinced you are of your safety, and the physical measures adopted by you to ensure that you are constantly fully protected, it is still necessary to continually remain alert to any and every possible security breach; remember systems can fail and human errors never be completely ruled out. So, maintain high level vigilance of everything that goes on around your vicinity, especially when something unusual takes place or if you should notice persons lurking around who feel should not be there in the first place; immediately go on your guard as well as alert the concerned authorities so that timely action can be taken. Public areas are places that you must particular watch, as well as take every possible precaution where your own safety and that of your vehicle is concerned. And, as far as possible, it is best to totally avoid waiting around in public places where demonstrations or large gatherings are likely to occur.

Concerned Saudi Authorities are constantly alert to any possible terrorism threat, and are ever engaged in taking appropriate action. Earlier this year, on August 26, it was reported that security forces had succeeded in disrupting a terrorist operation planned for Riyadh, as well as unearthing one with links to a Jeddah terrorist cell. It was made public that up to January 2011, 765 persons were convicted of being involved in subversive activities during the foregoing Hijri year, which is from December 18, 2009 to December 6, 2010. It was however well understood that such success should never be allowed to raise complacency; rather do its exact opposite.

Although there is a long history related to regular disruption of terrorist networks, opportunist attacks targeting Saudi or possibly even Western targets is still very much an ongoing reality. If you wish to obtain further information on getting your Saudi business visa from the Saudi embassy in London, or for more information on the details above, please contact us.

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