The best restaurants in Riyadh and Jeddah

Perhaps you have Saudi Arabia as one of the destinations to travel to this year. Whether its business or pleasure, one thing remains constant; you have to eat. Thus there is a need to look for the best restaurants in Saudi Arabia towns especially the famous one of Jeddah and Riyadh.

Jeddah houses a catalogue of restaurants and eateries that never go wrong about the food. There are all kinds of delicacies to be found in Jeddah, right from the familiar Italian cuisine down to the finger-licking local Arabian delicacies. Al Khalaqi has to be one of the stop-overs you have to make as you travel through Jeddah once you land in Saudi. Al Khalaqi is one of the restaurants that pop up when you do an online search and which is known for its great Jeddah them; which is also reflected in the culinary choices they have.

Al Khalaqi caters for all with the best local Arab delicacy; the Lamb Kabsa which is the core meal in the menu but can be serve in a number of different accompaniments. The lamb Kabsa comes in different ways from spice to mild and is always flocked day and night. Turkish meals are another culinary option offered to Jeddahwis which is also a great recommendation for a visiting tourist. The Istanbul restaurant located around Palestine Street is the place to be; with tasty kebabs with a mix of different meat served with fresh local baked bread and a glass of cold juice.

And for those times one needs to escape from the Arabian culinary to something close to home, there are scores of fast food joints with doors open to all. Right on Batterjee Street is Vera Pizza joint, which still proves to you that there is good authentic Italian pizza in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is also a second haven for highly rated eat outs as you travel to Saudi Arabia. In this amazing town you would notice that restaurants put a lot in offering an ambient décor while they serve you their best meal. You can start with iL Terrazo, a Brazilian themed restaurant in hotel Faisaliyah and overlooks a breathtaking view of the courtyard fountain. Il Terrazo offers the best barbecued meat n buffet all served on open air with good music setting the mood.

And if you still want to take extend the Arabian Cuisine you experienced in Jeddah, the Najd Village Restaurant offers this same adventure into authentic Saudi cuisine.

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