Saudi Arabia Employment Scenario

There are millions of foreigners living in the Desert Kingdom; many are laborers from Asia and around 100 thousand from the West are also said to be working in Saudi Arabia.


The country has over 20% of the planets petroleum sources; the country’s economy is highly based on oil. Petroleum makes up to 90 % of export revenue, 80 % of revenue for budget, and 45 % of GDP. One third of the GDP is funded by the service sector, causing the tertiary sector to become the second in line of importance for the national economy.

Recently the government has made several changes to reduce the kingdom’s dependence on oil as the only employment option; this has created new options for those looking for work in Saudi Arabia and for those looking for UK visa Saudi.

The Expat Job Market

It’s not very challenging to find work in Saudi Arabia, there are many positions open for people with experience and skill. Many expats have careers in engineering (mostly the oil industry), IT, financial fields, healthcare, schooling, telecom, or construction. Saudi Arabia is also creating investments in many other fields; people with experience in other sectors also have a good chance at getting a job.

Most foreign workers were contracted while they were still in their original city of residence. It is very rare, in fact almost impossible, for foreigners to come to Riyadh or Jeddah without a job offer in order to find work here. Anyone interested in working in Saudi Arabia or wants Saudi Visas needs to speak to the chamber of commerce.

Work Permits and Sponsors

You will not be able to get a work permit if you do not have a job secured. Individuals need a sponsor to apply for a work permit. The position of your sponsor can be an individual, company, or institution like the chamber of commerce in Saudi Arabia.

Sponsors can help you tackle most issues, from obtaining your Saudi Arabia visa to finding housing. The sponsor is also responsible for you and will have a strong interest in your well-being.

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