The best methods of travelling around Saudi Arabia

Travelling around Saudi Arabia is possible through the common means of transport we know of; air, water and land.

Air Travel to Saudi Arabia is the quickest especially for the Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca or the tourist wanting to enjoy the good side of the Arabic country. Saudi Arabia has about four air travel services located in different cities within the Kingdom. In Jeddah, there is the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, King Fahd International airport in Dammam, Medina International airport also in Jeddah and King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.

Entrance to Saudi Arabia has now been made easier especially with the improvement of security checks which has also largely scaled down the rumors of terrorist threats. Traffic to Saudi Arabia through air is moderate unless during the pilgrimage months of Hajj and the festival of Ramadan. The national air travel agent is Saudi Arabian Airlines, which makes stops to several destinations across the world and which has a commendable track record for time keeping and great safety standards.

Visiting tourists are advised to apply for their Saudi visa and any other entrance documents early in advance. Flight bookings are also made early in advance to avoid delays and long waits especially during Hajj and Ramadan. It is ideal to book your flight about one hour in advance and travel 3hours in advance to cater for the time it may take to verify documents at the airport.

Besides air travel, one can also visit the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via sea. This Arabian country already has a fully functioning sea port in the city of Jeddah. There is available boat travel from Sudan to Jeddah and also from Siwaqih to Jeddah. The near future will also see new boat travel routes to Al-Hudayda to Jeddah. Ferry travel is also available and consists of modern and well manicured cabins with private washrooms, full air conditioning and plenty of on-board amenities depending on the class type. There is the 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd bookings according to ones financial abilities.

Travel by land involve border crossing either by bus or personal cars. Again you must have your Saudi Arabia visa with you as well as travel documents ready. There are plenty of buses from other countries that ply the same routes to Saudi Arabia as local bus travels. The commonly used local bus company is Saptco, which owns dozens of fleets that travel all over Saudi Arabia as well as the outside.

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