Top 10 Travel Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – Places to Visit

Camels, cactus and Deserts, are  all that comes to mind when we talk about Saudi Arabia but what isn’t obvious is that Saudi Arabia is home to many hilly and majestic areas that are indeed a sight to see.

The centuries old buildings, stairs and roads around the area of Taif offer a complete thrilling climb and tour experience. The views from these majestic sites are breathtaking and often overlooked by the viewers, especially by the citizens of the kingdom; clear skies during daylight and the stars shining bright at night.

Saudi Arabia practices its religion seriously and leverage their resources and skills to make the religion practice convenient for the followers. The beautifully architecture Masjids (Mosques) are present at every short distance where the prayers are offered by the religious personnel five times every day.

Saudi Arabia is a well-civilized country with a very calm atmosphere. The country is strict regarding its law and religious values and do not compromise leniency over either.

Legal and Formal Implications

Saudi Arabia has recently started giving away tourists visas but still reserves restrictive rights to people entering the kingdom. Firstly, the tourists should be in groups of four or more people organized by a verified tourism agency or company.

Saudi Arabia Visa from UK can be for tourists, transits, family visits or for work. The accumulated expenditure of these VISAs is £39, £10, £96, £10, and £10 for Family Visits, Business, Multiple entry, residency and transit respectively.

Saudi Arabia Visa from UK requires a passport with at least 6 months to expiry in order to be eligible to apply for a visa. Saudi Arabia welcomes citizens of UK and America to work or conduct business within Saudi Arabia or for transit, Visa is also available to visit close relatives and for Pilgrimage at Mecca and Madinah. However the ministry do not offer on arrival Visas and requires applicant to apply well before time to get an approval to enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia visa from UK and all other places requires a sponsor and the processing time takes several months.

Saudi Arabia Visa from UK can be acquired by visiting authorized travel and tourism agencies that help the applicants with their Saudi Arabia visa forms and assimilate sponsors from the kingdom in order to make possible the entry of the potential visitor/tourist.


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