Why Plan a Vacation in Saudi Arabia?   

Saudi Arabia has long been a country of interest to people all over the world. The business sector, finance, oil and healthcare are thriving and attract visitors all year round. People from the U.S, UK and Europe can go on a vacation here using a Saudi Arabia Visitor visa. This article will include valuable information about how to plan your vacation and how to make it more enjoyable.

Most suitable months:

The most suitable time to visit the country is from April to May and then after that, from October to November. During these days the temperatures are moderate during the day and cool during the night. December and March may also be preferable but the nights can get very cold, especially in the mountains.

Clothes, Phones and Lodging:

After you have acquired your Saudi Arabia visitor visa, you need to know a couple of important points to keep things running smoothly. For example;

  • One should know what kind of clothes to pack. For daytime it is best to pack light weight clothes, sun hats and durable shoes. Jackets and similar clothing for night time is preferred because of the change in temperature.
  • Prepaid Sims can be acquired after arriving at the airport; these will work in both cell phones and tablets.
  • Hotel rooms can be pre-booked for the duration you intend to stay there.

Places to Visit:

Three of the liveliest cities of Saudi Arabia are Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. All three have a wide variety of cafes and restaurants as well as top notch malls for all your shopping needs. Some of the sites especially worth going to are:

  • Abqaiq
  • Corniche road
  • Hofuf
  • Jebel-al-Qara
  • Taif

As well as, many others if you happen to have enough time on your hands.

Saudi Arabia Visa:

In order to obtain a visa, all UK,US , EU and Australian nationals are required to have a passport which must be valid for at least the next six months. People from Israel or Israeli nationals have on occasions been refused entry.  The application must be sent to the Saudi Consulate, at least two to three weeks in advance. The visa is usually confirmed in two working days. It is best to go over the immunization checklist once.

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