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The processing of Saudi Arabia Visa via the embassy in London has restarted and we are able to provide visa processing for Business and Commercial visas for UK nationals and applicants living in the UK and document legalisations for KSA. We are running a limited service thereforewe are requesting for all enquiries to be sent to us via email to instead of calling, where a visa consultant shall be able to quickly review your request. Our phone lines are currently not available. Please note that for other Saudi Government or Embassy queries, please contact the Saudi Embassy in London on 0207 917 3000. For Online Saudi Visa queries please contact +966920000890 or go to
Saudi Visa UK

Saudi Arabia Worldwide Embassy & Consulate Addresses

Given the high volume of travellers wishing to visit the KSA from across the Globe, the network of Saudi Arabia Embassys and Consulates runs deep across European, Asian, African and locations in the Americas. Whilst there might not be an embassy in all countries or major cities, there is often a Saudi embassy for contact at a nearby city or in certain cases nearby countries as you will see from the table below.

These diplomatic missions can be contacted for information about travel to the Kingdom, all Saudi visa types, including the Saudi business visa or Saudi Arabia tourist visa applications, and other essential information.

Please note that the links for the most requested embassies are in the footer section of our website including the Saudi embassy in London, Saudi consulate in New York, Saudi consulate in Washington and Saudi consulate in Houston.

Differences between Embassies, Consulates and Consulate Generals

For larger countries, there may also be consulates. The difference between an embassy and consulate is that an embassy is located in the political capital of that country, and this is where the ambassador sits and resides, with all functionality there. A consulate is generally a smaller office for diplomatic purposes, which provide less functions then the embassies.

Main responsibilities of a consulate:

Saudi Arabia Visa applications for foreign travelers, dealing with any import and export documentation and issuing licenses.

One size above the embassy is the Consulate General, which compared to a normal consulate will contain more employees fulfilling more duties to the public.

Contact Points at the Saudi Arabia Embassy

Please note that there are a variety of departments at each embassy. Although we do not have the individual details of every person at every Saudi Arabian embassy, you can use the definitions to ask for the relevant parties for when you contact them.

Employees of any consulate have the title: consular officers.

The main responsibility of a consulate is called either a consul or consul general.

There is also the title of honorary consul, a person that does work part time for the government These individuals might exist in smaller port towns in order to remove friction and accelerate the rate of trade.

The main responsible person for all departments is the ambassador who is the representative of the embassy on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

If you are starting your KSA visa application, there will be a consul that is in charge of the visa section who would be the main person in charge before commencing on any visa applications. They would also be the person to best advice on the MOFA invitation requirements and document legalisations.

Quick Links for Saudi Visa Applications:

Please note that if you are using our Saudi Arabian embassy directory list so that you can proceed with your visa application for Saudi Arabia then we would recommend you reading one of the pages as below to get a quick answer on your visa queries, as this will often give you the quick answer, with your nationality and country of residence and visa type the main determining factors:

If you are looking to attend Umrah or Hajj, then you obtain your Saudi visa online via our website. You will need to have digital photos and your passport to hand. The processing time takes 15 minutes.

Please note that the Saudi online tourist visa is only applicable for national of 49 countries.

If you are a resident of the UK with a valid permit, but not apart of the 49 countries, our agency can still assist you to obtain a Saudi Arabian tourist visa.

If you are not apart of the above, then you will be able to apply for a Saudi Arabian Tourist visa, Saudi family visit visa, Saudi Arabia business visa from the embassy in your country.

Please see our page for that which will help you accordingly for the general processes, or alternatively use our directory to contact your local Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy in your country of residence.

Other Saudi Arabian Government institutions

Please note that in order to support the Saudi Arabia embassies in major countries, other organisations and institutions exist to support operations. We can assist accordingly in London. Please see the core groups as below:

Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
The Saudi Cultural Bureau in London was set up primarily to strengthen its links with academic, scientific and educational institutions in London to assist both Saudi Arabian students in London, and foreign nationals looking to make a transition to Saudi Arabia. Typically they will be used if you wish to legalise any educational documents or those issued from an institution eg the NHS, ACCA, etc then it will need to be verified by the Saudi cultural attache first. Please visit our page for information on this process.

Araba British Chamber of Commerce

This organisation in London assists with commercial activities assisting UK based businesses and Arab businesses. They are required in the Saudi business visa application stage to verify and attest all employer support letters.

Office of the Arab League in London
This office is the representative office of all Arab league countries in order to work with UK businesses, and to jointly devise policy and communicate common goals and issues.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia

This is the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh, who are the main body of the Saudi Arabia government and liaison with their international affairs, they are the overarching administrators of all Saudi Arabian embassies globally, and then along with the Saudi chamber of commerce are in charge of the issuance of visa invitations.

If you cannot contact the embassy in your respective country, we maybe able to assist you in your query. In this case please email one of our team members at and based on the knowledge and experience of our visa consultants, can try our very best to assist.

The table below will link to each countries information. Please click on the Saudi Arabia embassy you wish to contact depending on where you are in the world.

Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Argentina
Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh
Belarus Belgium Benin Botswana Brazil
Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon
Canada Cape Verde Chad Chile China
Comoros Congo Cuba Cyprus Czech
Denmark Djibouti Ecuador Egypt Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Ethiopia Finland France Gabon
Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Greece
Guinea Guinea Bissau Herzegovina Hungary India
Indonesia Ireland Italy Ivory Coast Japan
Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kenya Korea
Kosova Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Liberia
Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxemburg Macedonia
Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali
Malta Mauritania Mauritius Mexican Moldova
Mongolia Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Nepal
Netherlands New Zealand Niger Nigeria Norway
Oman Pakistan Peru Philippines Poland
Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Senegal
Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa
South Sudan Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Sweden
Switzerland Syria  Taipei Tajikistan Tanzania
Thailand Togo Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan
UAE Uganda Ukraine Union United Kingdom
Uruguay USA (Houston) USA (Los Angeles) USA (New York) Uzbekistan
Venezuela (Caracas) Venezuela Vietnam Yemen
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